Commercial Real Estate Flyer Templates

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How to Create a Commercial Real Estate Flyer?

There will come a time where realtors need to give out real estate community flyer to prospective clients. Realtors can give away various types of flyers like open house flyer and a commercial real estate flyer. By sending out flyers, realtors can get an immediate response and reach the target audience. A commercial real estate flyer is a handbill distributed to people on the street with the purpose of marketing a commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is a property used exclusively for business reasons, as opposed to a residential property. When you say commercial real estate, it includes commercial spaces like office, industrial, and retail. Commercial real estate is an estate used strictly for business reasons or to provide a workspace. Commercial realty is often rented to tenants for company purposes.

A large proportion of the population agrees that house real estate flyer are one of the best promotional channels for selling properties. A high percentage of people prefer the convenience of how simple it is going through the flyers. However, the actual rate of "sale" using a flyer will vary from the responses of your target market. Therefore, you need to create a captivating commercial real estate for your commercial listing. Here are some guidelines and techniques that can help you in building your own commercial real estate. 

1. Clear and Concise Goal  

What is your commercial real estate flyer? Is it for selling an apartment? or is it for an office lease? It is best for you to create your commercial real estate flyer with a clear and concise goal. Know your purpose and format flyer text and graphics to achieve that goal. 

2. Popping Headline

Once you have established the goal or purpose of your commercial real estate flyer, you will need to generate an engaging and catchy headline, unlike any real estate marketing flyer. Headlines are the first thing your client will read, therefore, spark their interest with that popping headline. Encourage them to read on rather than throwing it to the trash.

3. Overall Motivating Message 

The message is your call to the action line. As an agent, the overall message of the real state marketing flyer should make your reader want to act, or else your flyer will deem useless. Add call to action words like buy now, call today, or contact us so that readers will know how to act after. Do not be wordy though. Limit the length of your text to keep it snappy. Use only two fonts in your commercial real estate flyer, the font for your headline should be different from the font of your text. 

4. Graphics 

Modern flyers are usually all text. Design your flyer with vivid images relevant to the commercial property you are leasing can impact the flyer. Give them a visual of what the commercial building you offer. Make sure your graphics are in high-quality especially when you are selling or leasing luxury retail or property. Your company logo is also an important graphic in your professional real estate flyer, so never leave this out. 

5. Contact Information 

Your contact information as an agent or realtor needs to be present on your real estate promotional flyer. This is the most vital information on your flyer. This is a way for prospective clients to contact you whenever they want. Add information like your name, website, e-mail address, and social media accounts or pages.