How to Create a Construction Business Card in Adobe Photoshop (PSD)?

construction business card template

Construction is closely connected to civil engineering and architecture fields. This is a practice of establishing an infrastructure. A contractor is accountable for the construction processes. Since business is also building connections, we will present useful tips and easy-to-follow instructions on how to start creating a creative yet professional construction business cards.

1. Open the Software

For every designing process of small or large size, Photoshop is a good option to create the documents finely. It gives various advanced features to craft the document expertly and with minute detailing. Open it and select the specific card size you need and start.

2. Include Relevant Details Only

Your business card is just a small document. Do not overdo it with too many details. Its function is to serve as a contact line when your service is demanded by your clients. Include the following details: your complete name, your business name, your job title (architect or engineer), your contact details, and even your official website. There are other pieces of information you may want to add such as your company logo, business tagline, social media accounts, QR Code, sign, and professional certifications. Every detail you put in this document, keep them in different 'layers' to edit them without inconvenience.

3. Use Professional and Readable Font Style

Since you are creating a construction business card, you are not required to put too much artistry. The key is to make it simple. Do not use playful fonts. Also, avoid tiny and italicized typefaces. Classics such as 'Times New Roman', 'Calibri', 'Cambria' are perfect use in construction business cards. It is also essential to have proper size and readability. Ensure they are sufficiently big to be readable enough from an arm's distance.

4. Use Colors Appropriately

The choice of color can have a great impact on what kind of business you are in. Since you are in the construction business, your card has to be professional. Avoid incorporating too much amount of color. Color selection is one of the most valuable choices you would make when designing a construction business card. Keep in mind that each color carries various meanings and might convey different messages to your client. Background color and font color should be contrasting. This enhances legibility while at the same moment looks really good.

5. Download Suitable Pre-made Construction Business Card Template

In order for you to save time in planning for your construction business card, you can download it. Browse the internet and research for applicable example that suits your needs. For added convenience, check out this website. We offer high-quality construction business card templates and see it for yourself.

6. Decide for Paper Type, Finish and Size

Templates for business cards come in different sizes and forms. So the one that fits your business sector needs to be picked. It is also an important matter to decide on what kind of paper ideas you are going to choose. It would be better for you to use a signature option (or 115 lb, 16 pt card stock). It provides a good thickness and it is cost-effective. For your card coating, apply the matte finish rather than the glossy one. It is highly recommended if your business card contains mostly texts. Choosing your paper stock or cardstock must be of high-quality that can withstand any printing methods. We suggest that you maintain the standard business card size (3.5 "x 2") as it will not be easily misplaced.

7. Convey an Effective a Call to Action

This part requires your audience to act. These might be "Call Us," "Email Us," "Visit Us," "Get a Quote," or "Get a Discount," "Free Consultation," etc. The back of your construction business card can be fully dedicated to the CTA.

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