How to Construct A Business Card in Photoshop

Ever since it was invented in Europe during the 17th century, business cards have become a way of getting your name and brand spread among potential business associates. With so many construction companies who aim to make it big, you’ll need to make your stand out. If you’re having some challenges in getting started then here are some tips you can follow:

1. Plan Your Design

Come up with a unique look for your business card. Yes, it is important to place that information, but you need to present it in a way that’s memorable. Nobody is going to remember you if they’re handed a bland business card. Depending on the size of the card, you may incorporate a small graphic or perhaps add a stylish background for your card.

2. Choose an Aesthetic

Depending on your brand and preference, you can incorporate an aesthetic to your business card. With Photoshop’s features and our templates editability, you’ll be able to do this without much hassle. This will make your business card more visually appealing and memorable. But be mindful of the aesthetic and background you choose, make sure your business card can still be readable. For example, if you’re going to use a black sleek aesthetic for your card, make sure the text is written in white so it can be read.

3. Out of the Box Route

You can get creative with your business card, perhaps something more out there. Using a custom business card can give off the idea that your construction company is innovative and more modern, which in turn will make it more memorable. Some creative business cards come in the form of clear business cards, and even ones that are vertically oriented. Perhaps even come up with some cool logo ideas and pick the best logo design to use. Find the right combination of informative and peculiar in order to make your business card stand out!

4. Place the Details

Add relevant information to your business card. The only personal information you can place is your full name, while the rest is professional such as your company name, logo, contact details, and job title. Adding your contact details (such as phone no. and email address) allows people to tor each out to you for any inquiry. And be specific with your job title whether you are a builder or a commercial construction manager. This will make your card more official and professional looking.

5. Check Before You Print

Take a good look at your business card design before having them printed out. Make sure the whole setup is visually pleasing and informative at the same time. You may miss out on a few errors so have another person take a look and judge if it looks great and presentable. Once you’re sure, you can start printing and get ready to make those contacts.

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