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How to Create a Construction Business Cards in Microsoft Word (DOC)?

A construction business card is a part of the marketing strategy of your company, though a card is a small one, it works with existing products with letterheads and envelopes. Business cards reflect the principles of your organization and its business approach. With that, business cards are an excellent way to express the essence of the culture of your construction business. According to Medium Corporation, it makes a good first impression and establishes your business brand. It's as fast and easy as telling them your name and what you're services are.

Business cards play a significant role in the business industry, even in construction. With the help of Microsoft Word, here are five easy tips for creating your construction business card that will win your prospects.

1. Plan Everything Out

A decent business card is a great reflection of your business. You and your construction company must be open to any business-related connections when you turn over a business card to anyone. Therefore, you need to prepare a well-crafted sample card layout that strikes a chord with your capabilities and construction services. Although in your business card design, you will need to be artistic and innovative at the same time. A simplistic way is more preferable in designing a construction business card.

2. Take Note of Your Card's Size, Orientation, and Material

Since professional business cards fit well in the pockets, it is also convenient and economical to get a printed version with the commonly used length of 8.5x5 cm. For orientations, there are two options to choose between landscape and portrait design. For the material, it will be easy for you to print it on a high-quality photo paper and give it to prospects while presenting proposals. There are also several unique choices, such as silver, steel, or platinum type of card quality, to make it relevant for your construction company.

3. Open the Application and Format Content

Since you are using Microsoft Word, go either with a template that will simplify your job a bit more or select a 'Blank' document. Choose the structure, portrait or landscape, and set a specific card size before printing. Simplicity is beauty, as one of the basic rules of business designing, and the same thing applies to the business card design. Keep your design simple, and do not overcrowd it with too many decorations. Only include essential details such as the construction company name or your name as the general contractor or construction manager, or any other positions. You can also add the office address, contact details, and sign to authenticate the card details. For your fonts and colors, keep at least 1-3 font styles to keep everything formal and consistent. Use the 'Format' menu tools top arrange the content and details precisely.

4. Choose Specific Formal Images

Generally, creative images are used to represent the business card with perspective. The goal here is to not overwhelm the layout of your business card with images and just a specific image that would emphasize your construction company. Your main two surfaces of your business card are the front and the back, so ensure that you have to place the image on any of the surfaces to make your elegant card presentable. Use 'Insert' menu tools to add images.

5. Do Not Forget Your Branding

When it comes to branding, one of the most crucial elements in designing a business card is the logo. With or without the company name, the logo signifies as the indicator of your construction company. Use your company-wide logo together with your branding colors in your card, so it’s easy for your prospects to remember your company. Complete it and proceed to save the document by pressing 'F12'.

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