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How to Make Construction Business Card in Adobe Illustrator (AI)?

Did you know your business card can make people feel more connected to your business than eye contact? Most business people will opt to have business cards to market and represent the company from their prospective clients. A well-designed card will likely help you to get more clients; especially, if they have a good impression on your business cards. Other business people will judge the person or the company base on the cards they received. It would be best if you impress your prospective clients in every possible way you can do. If you're planning to make your own, understand why it's a big deal to produce a good-quality of business cards with superb layout design. Good thing, we gather helpful methods in terms of creating construction business cards in Adobe Illustrator. To help you in crafting the said card, follow our tips indicated below.


Open the software (Adobe Illustrator) and click on the 'Create New' option or press 'Ctrl+N' (Windows) and '?/Cmd+N' (Mac) to start on a new project. You will get a small box that will appear on the screen that will ask page size customization. Put a specific document's size, resolution, orientation, and color mode. Use 'Raster Effects' menu options to specify the resolution for printed documents. Now press 'Create' and start working.

2. Add Your Photo and Business Logo

First, it would be best if you consider adding a photo and a business logo for your business cards. It will serve as an identity about the company you're representing and yours as well. People are better at remembering images and faces; thus, it's ideal if your potential clients are familiar with you already through the business cards. Perhaps, be sure that you're going to create an impactful and business card afterward. Use the 'Toolbar' to draw shapes, signs, and arrange elements

3. Input Vital Details

Aside from your photo and company logo, consider as well your full name, job position, company name, and tagline. Other than that, indicate a short description of your construction company and the available services. It's not necessary to put everything in front because most people will often flip back the card to check if there's other written information on it. You can add additional details on the back like other services that your company offers.

4. Consider Call-To-Action

Never forget to include 'Call to Action' in your creative business cards because this is one of the essential info. It consists of contact numbers, email address, company website, and company social media pages to give your clients an idea of how to contact you. Things are much easier, especially if your prospect needs products and services like a construction worker, building materials, modern construction, or any other. Always take time to double-check everything you input.

5. Choose Proper Font Style and Text Size

Moreover, never take for granted your capability of choosing the exact font style and text size. You are giving an invitation to clients to try your service so be careful of its visibility and readability. As being said already, you have to create a well-designed business card not only to promote your business but also to give a good impression. For more guidelines, please take a look at our sample business cards to provide you with other plentiful ideas.

6. Distribute Your Cards Selectively

And finally, be sure to distribute your construction service business cards only to your prospective clients. Being selective to any people you wanted to hand out your card is much better compared to seeing it on the trash. Always remember that when you hand them out your business card, initiate to ask their business cards as well. Doing so will increase their interest in you to be their business affiliates.

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