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How To Create A Construction Business Card In Apple (MAC) Pages?

In this digital world, business cards remain irreplaceable. Many business owners and professionals are still using this small piece of paper to introduce their business to potential investors, clients, and customers during trade shows, seminars, and other business events. It's a great marketing tool that would help your business prosper. According to a blog post in Adobe, for every 2000 cards that get passed, there would be an increase of 2.5 percent in sales. In short, whether you're a business owner, construction manager, general contractor, construction worker, having a business card boosts up your sales and let your company be known.

For Mac users, follow the guidelines we have presented below to create an enticing construction business card in Apple Pages.

1. Launch and Decide on a Card Size

Launch the processor and select a 'New' document. For business cards, we have 3.5" x 2" inches as the standard size. It's the best size to use because it's not too small and not too big, so it will not easily get misplaced, and it's easy to carry. However, if you want your card to stand out, you might want to use a different size. And when it comes to shapes, your options are standard, rounded edge, and irregular shapes. The rounded edge and irregular shapes will make your card look unique, but it will cost you extra. To set the size of your document, click 'Document' from the Document sidebar, then click the Paper Size drop-down and choose your desired paper size.

2. Input your Card Information

Your business card should have your first and last name, business name, company tagline, job title, phone number, sign, email address, website, and social media accounts. Aside from that, provide a brief description of your company. Please make sure you check your card information from time to time, so it's always updated.

3. Incorporate Branding Elements

Incorporate your company logo and colors to your card to promote branding. In Apple Pages, you can easily add in your company logo by dragging the image file from a photo library to your document.

4. Be Creative with your Design

You want your design layout to stand-out, so make it unique. Play with colors and design elements, but make sure you don't go overboard. Also, your text must be easy to read, so avoid using decorative fonts.

5. Print it on High-Quality Paper

After putting up everything together, go over every detail carefully to make sure you input all the correct details; revise if you need to. Once you're satisfied with the final output, go ahead and save your work. Then, download and print these on high-quality paper. Now you have an enticing modern business card that you can distribute to prospective clients and investors.

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