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How to Create a Professional Construction Proposal in Google Docs?

According to, a great construction proposal represents an excellent probability of winning a new venture. It is the primary marketing document, a compacted edition of all the importance that your approach provides to an issue for a customer. Not all proposal makes a favorable impression of your business. There are significant aspects to consider. Thus, every part of an outstanding proposal includes intelligent planning and management, from the targeted client to the subject matter, to appropriate writing.

Creating one may be tiring, but with the help of the easy steps that we have prepared below, you will surely experience a hassle-free proposal making.

1. Develop an Executive Summary

The overview page tells the reader why she/he must employ your commercial construction business. Prove that you acknowledge the expectations of the company for the work order. Ensure to illustrate the requirements of the customer, for instance, by outlining the mission statement and providing an overview of what the company plans can do.

2. Present the Services

Identify the advantages of using your company. The consumer will be keen on what you can offer, so focus on the benefits of your residential construction business. For instance, if you have experience creating concrete floors, tell the client about the qualities of the past projects you've designed in your presentation. Do not forget to include pictures of your previous projects as the client wants to understand about the work you've accomplished that's related to this initiative, and how well you've done it.

3. Outline the Cost

Offer a list of the expenses to the customer, such as labor, supplies, and machinery in the cost overview portion of the design plan. Compose the timeframe to demonstrate when the various phases of the project will be completed. Lastly, provide a complete timeline and completion date and incorporate a list of the resources and the safety record.

4. Include a Detailed Summary About your Business

Write down a detailed report of your construction business, the expertise you have, and the exact date the organization was developed. Also, include the names and addresses of your previous customers. Provide the identities, contacts, and telephone numbers that you can use as a resource. Ensure to incorporate a list of suggested staff resumes, like on-the-job workers, suppliers, interior designers, and plumbers, with your application. Provide images and resumes of key personnel in the plan.

5. Edit your Proposal Before Printing

The moment you have finished drafting the sample proposal, you will have to go over it and inspect it for any errors. If necessary, the simplest way to check it accurately is to ask one or more friends to look for mistakes in grammar and spelling. It is also a great idea to review it using Grammarly or any related program. Just don't depend on it because it is just about simple grammatical errors and not misused or unintentional terms.

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