If you run a Construction Firm you already know that while handling your clients, there’s always a bit of paperwork and that needs to be completed before any financial transaction takes place. One major document of this type is the Construction Quotation. When negotiating proposed example prices, then that’s where a quotation comes in. Allow us to speed up the process with our Ready-Made Construction Quotation Templates. By utilizing our printable and easily editable samples, you can design documents that look both presentable and professional. Each of these templates being 100% customizable in Google Sheets for you to make use of its special features like Conditional Formatting and Data Table Importing. So, download now and mail your estimates with a bit of flair!

How to Make Construction Quotations in Google Sheets?

No matter what kind of Construction Company or organization you run, there’s always at least a bit of paperwork and documentation involved. And there are many different kinds of paperwork meant for multiple types of corporate uses. Some of these are used for interacting with clients, one of which is a quotation.

As summarized from a page by investopedia.com, a quotation is presented to your client, used to propose an estimate price for work and/or goods that they’re interested in from you. It’s a crucial bit of paperwork like Construction Receipts or Invoices before finalizing a deal with the purchasing party.

To help maintain a professional image for your construction business, it pays to make your paperwork look good--even your quotations. Need a bit of help? Well then, have a look through our diverse set of Ready-Made Construction Quotation Templates! We have a number of good-looking designs to suit any taste. Plus, they’re all easy to customize in Google Sheets, letting you save time and effort.

If you’re not sure where to start, just check out our tips (below) for a quick guide on how to edit our quotation templates!

1. Download an Appealing Quotation Design

Handling paperwork and documentation can be a really tedious and mind-numbing task for anyone to do. No need to fret, though--we can lighten the burden with our construction-oriented quotation templates! With these samples, not only do you already get a complete layout that’s ready to use, but they have a variety of colorful and eye-catching designs for you to choose from! So, simply pick whichever you fancy the most and download the file to your computer.

2. Convenient Editing in Google Sheets

Google Sheets provides you with an easy-access option for editing our quotation templates. It’s free with a registered Google account while being available for both desktop computers and mobile devices to create your Construction Budget or Pre-Construction Plans!

Did you decide on a quotation design yet? After downloading the file, open it up in Google Sheets and you can now get to work customizing it. Before replacing the placeholder text with the required information, choose a font style that’s simple in design and is easy for anyone to read.

After finishing the draft, take the time to go over your whole work to spot any mistakes and correct them accordingly. Once that’s taken care of, always remember to save the new changes.

3. Other Useful Tools for Your Construction Company

Now that you have a shiny new quotation template for your business, it’s time to explore other kinds of helpful material. If you’re looking for some affordable yet efficient advertising, then flyers are always a good option. They’re quick and easy to prepare. Take advantage of the Internet by setting up a website to represent your Administrative Firm online! This adds another contact option and provides a space for describing your business.

4. Ready to Mail

With your quotation template now customized, it’s finally ready to use whenever you need it. Also, make sure to list each product and service in a concise format when describing them. Doing business with your clients is easier with our Ready-Made Construction Quotation Templates!

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