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How to Make Construction Receipt in Google Sheets?

A construction receipt is a simple document that records all sorts of payments and transactions. In any construction project, contractors tend to release a contractual legal agreement that needs to be approved by the construction workers. If you need one, below will be your guide in making a simple construction receipt.

1. Officialize your Receipt

Receipts are proof of your transactions, and this must be a legal document to give assurance to your company as well as your clients for authenticity. You need to introduce your company details. This step will help you gain your clients' trust which results in profit.

2. Open a Workbook and Add Client information

Client information is necessary for a deal. Construction receipts provide the record management of both sides inside a business. Go to the site of Google Sheets and select a 'blank' worksheet. down the payer's company name, company address, and contact information."Why base your marketing on what you think customers want when you could give them exactly what they want?"(Lawrence2018). You can satisfy your clients by collecting information about what they need.

3. Secure Your Receipts

Fraudulence and unauthorized documents are very common these days. There are a couple of things that you should include to ensure the security of your receipts, such as the service attendant and receipt number. When you are a member of an organization, it is essential to be careful with whom to trust and believe. So make sure that your construction receipt is reliable and official.

4. Determine Expenses

Payments of construction workers, laborers are not the only expenses you need to determine. In construction projects, you can't operate without utilizing a lot of tools and equipment. In devising your receipt, ensure to list everything that you used in the project in complete detail. It is advisable to double-check your inventory to confirm that you have not disregarded anything important.

5. Print a Barcode at the Bottom

A barcode is a scannable code that displays patterned parallel lines and has a numerical value at the bottom. This code functions to store data and translate it into digestible information. Barcodes are vital in receipts because they store crucial transaction information. It also includes the location where the transaction took place, the name of the cashier, the payment method, the items purchased, and also their respective prices. Use the 'insert' menu to put objects in the document.

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