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How to Make a Construction Sheet in Microsoft Excel (XLS)?

Sheets are useful in every aspect of your construction business. You can make it measure the productivity of your employees through a worksheet. You can also use it to record the number of hours that your employees rendered through a timesheet. These examples show how sheets are important in a business, specifically for construction. So, if you are bound to make one, do not worry and let us help you by providing these helpful tips that you can refer to.

1. Prepare your Data

The most essential part of your sheet is the content, so you need to prepare it beforehand. Depending on what type of sheet you are making, you need to ensure that your data is precise and itemized. For instance, if you are making a construction architecture material sheet, you need to have a proper checklist of the materials required and its cost-estimates.

2. Open the Application and List Data

Now that you have your data, you need to categorize them accordingly. A sheet is usually composed of a table with various rows and columns, so sort your data based on its relevance. For example, if you are making a budget sheet, sort services, products, labor, etc. separately. Then, decide whether you will make a weekly or monthly attendance. In that way, you can sort other data based on it. Arrange the columns and rows in an Excel sheet as per convenience by resizing the cells and columns using the cursor.

3. Keep it Simple

This tip is applicable for sheets that must be filled out by a large audience. If you wanted a fast process that lets you save time or your executive to clearly understand the sheet into your presentation, then you need to make your timesheet as simple and brief as possible. But, do not make it bland. You can go simple and minimalistic without making it generic by presenting it properly.

4. Incorporate Colors

A splash of color could make a huge difference with the effectivity of your sheet. Now that you have sorted your data, one way to identify them more is to incorporate colors. This design element is essential as colors are indicators that a set of data belongs to a particular criterion, so utilize them well.

5. Save It

Format and highlight essential details of the document using the 'Tools' available in Excel and check it again for any sort of rectification. Once done, save the document by selecting 'save as' from the 'File' menu and put it in an easily accessible location.

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