How to Create a Construction Invoice in Excel

A construction invoice is a legal list of things that are purchased, and the sales transaction happened between the construction company and the distributor. Usually, the names that are indicated in the invoice as the purchaser is the general contractor or subcontractor because they are often the ones who purchase the distributor. If you are having trouble on how to make an effective construction invoice, then read and consider our tips below.

1. Opt for Construction Invoice Templates

The most convenient and time-saving option to make an invoice is by downloading and customizing a ready-made template. Doing this will save yourself from the hassle of creating an invoice from scratch. This way is efficient because once you have download a template, it can be yours to use for eternity. Whatever editing you will do to the template, the freedom is all yours after downloading it. It is up to you if you will retain its original format or customize it according to your branding. Consider doing this to save time and effort.

2. Emphasize the Invoicing Policy

According to Statistica, 75.3% of business to business customers have paid their invoices on time, while 23.6 percent of them have paid after the due date. This means that there are still customers who are not taking the invoicing policy seriously. On a serious note, even though the percentage is not that high, it can still affect the construction business negatively.

With that, the terms ad conditions stated in the invoice must be emphasized and highlighted so that the customer or the contractor will be aware of the consequences if they fail to meet the payment deadline. You must state in the invoice the punishment or the conditions in case a payment failure will occur.

3. Vary the Payment Procedures

In this modern era, payment transactions can be done in many ways. Unlike before that payment must only be done face to face. But, nowadays, it can be done through credit cards and online payment. Aside from these payment ways, the time framing of payment must also vary. To make it convenient for the customer and to make sure that they will pay on time, you must set payment procedures that are beneficial and convenient for both parties involved.

4. Implement Numbering System

If you are in a big distributor company, then the numbering system is very beneficial for you. The numbering system in the invoice will help you track and narrow down certain purchase transactions. It will help you update on the progress claim of every transaction, and it will also make everything convenient in case a change of order will be made. Doing so will also make everything uniform since mostly company payment receipt has receipt number.

5. Include Contact Details

Whether you are a distributor company or a self-employed distributor, the contact details are essential. In your construction invoice, both the customer and distributor's contact details must be included. This is helpful whenever questions or sudden incidents about the transaction will occur. Remember to also write the company name and logo and the customer's name and address in the invoice.

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