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What Is a Design Company Brochure?

A design company makes creations for clients that they can use for their marketing. A design company may be about advertising, graphics, construction, landscape, software engineering, or IT. A design company brochure gives knowledge to people about your brand, your identity, and what you do.

How to Create a Design Company Brochure?

If you want to create a professional and creative company brochure that showcases fashion and innovation in one, these steps below will give you an initial idea of how to make one.

1. Brand

Before starting the design for your design company's brochure, you must first look into the necessary details that make your company's branding process. It is a challenging part but one of the most crucial elements when creating your business brochure. You need to make a character identifiable to your company. You need to have directions to guide you where you have to go from where you are that will help you in the creative process.

2. Theme and Design

Now that you have looked deeper into the branding process, you are now prepared to find a design that works well for you. As a design company, you might want to use a theme that shows your skills and capabilities as designers. Ascertain if you're going to go minimalist and use industrial colors, like gray, black or lots of white. Instilling inspiration is easier when you want to try experimenting using an urban approach with lots of warm tones to make it pleasing to the eyes. Cool colors can be a mix of anything, and if done right, can still look professional and trendy. If you want to find a photo to include in your brochure, get a photographer who knows how to get the best angle of your office or company. You can even add a picture of you and your team together for exposure. Decide if you want the layout bi-fold or tri-fold, depending on your preference.

3. Company Details

Next, it's time to introduce the company. In your brochure, you may write how and when the company started, in short, a brief history. This is to give a summary of the company's mission, vision, and what you could offer to your potentials and clients. As a company doing a legitimate business, you may enter information about your licenses, certifications, social media accounts, and if there are awards, the better. If you put your profile out there, it will attract clients to consider whether it would be good to do business with you and if you can give them what they need. Sound credibility track brings in the crowd.

4. Services

Services are the main reason why potentials would come to you. For example, if your business is graphics and deals with a lot of visuals, include your most notable works or a site where clients would get to see large samples of your designs. You can also add about the job description you've done for others if it is possible and does not violate laws about privacy.

5. Printing

Completing the brochure may have been a daunting task, but you've made it! Now, you need to print the brochure using a paper and printer that can give you the most desirable results. It does not have to be costly, but don't sacrifice print quality for quantity.

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