How to Make a Graphic Designer Resume

As we are entering a generation wherein innovation has become significantly more relevant than invention, how we manage our businesses have also changed. Especially with marketing and advertising, the need for materials to be attractive and eye-catching is a must. And because the skills for creating these types of marketing tools are quite intricate and requires a special skill, the graphic designer profession has significantly increased over the years. And this is with good reason. According to an article found in Business 2 Community, having a graphic designer on-board your team has a variety of benefits. Some of these include the improvement of brand recognition, professionalism, company unity, an increase in efficiency and productivity, and so much more. All of these benefits can even create better leads, more clients, and an increase in revenue. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Because there is so much to gain from hiring in a graphic designer, a company has to ensure that whoever they are employing is not only talented with what they do, but they also have to be the right fit for the company. A good resume can help a human resource staff weed out the sub-par candidates to those with great potential. So if you are a graphic designer who needs a little bit of assistance in creating a resume that is appealing to HR managers, read more so you can land the best possible job that is fitting for you.

1. Avoid Long Resumes

Whether you are creating a fresher resume or have had years of experience as a graphic designer, we suggest using only 1 page when creating your resume. We know restraint may be hard especially if you’ve had an impressive career, but select the best and most recent work experiences only. Remember that the average time an HR staff skims through your resume is more or less 10 seconds. Having a long resume might allow the initial recruiter to skip out on reading the best and most interesting part and pass you on to the reject pile.

2. Read the Job Description

Anyone applying for work should thoroughly read through the job description that the recruiter has published. This can allow you to streamline your resume according to what they are looking for and make it more relevant. This tip has the potential to allow the HR recruiters to be more impressed with what you have to offer.

3. Show Your Personality

Because you are a graphic designer, you have to showcase your skills in creating a visual tool that can impress the readers. You can either add in infographics, some clip art, or a layout that is different from the rest. Creative resumes will surely be appreciated in this industry.

4. Attach a Matching Cover Letter

When sending an application for a position you want, you have to have a cover letter included. Resumes can showcase your education and professional experience. Cover letters, on the other hand, can allow the reader to see your personality prior to the initial interview. Through your cover letter, you give the recruiters are chance to air out the reasons why you want to work for the company and why you are a good candidate for who they are looking for.

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