Designers are one of the most prestigious professions in the world. Channel the Paul Rand or the Coco Chanel in you by writing a creative cover letter that will impress your future employer. Whether it’s for graphic or fashion design, you can find your fit in our wide array of Free Ready-Made Designer Cover Letter Templates! All files are accessible in Apple Pages, Word, and Google Docs. Got a problem with your desktop computer? No worries! These templates are highly compatible with various devices. These are sample templates that you can also customize with ease! Get your copy now and give a facelift to your old cover letter!

What is a Designer Cover Letter?

A designer cover letter is a document that expresses your desire and interest to apply for a designer job. It gives an introduction about yourself and persuades the reader to check out on your resume.

How to Write a Designer Cover Letter

Do you know that the US enters the year 2020 with a whopping 7.3 million job openings? With that overwhelming number, expect a horde of job seekers that will be looking for the same job you want.

What could be your edge? It’s your output-—your cover letter, application letter, or resume. Cover letters are your first contact with your would-be employer. Make sure you’ll instantly draw the attention of the readers, especially in the first few sentences of your cover letter. For your benefit, we’ve plotted a few reminders in writing a functional designer cover letter.

1. Be Straightforward

Our personal lives are already full of complications; give yourself a break when you write a cover letter. Make it simple, uncomplicated, and direct to the point. You can easily deliver your message when you do this. And also, the readers will be able instantly to grasp whether you’re the right one for the job.

2. Show Interest to the Job

Your resume can be used in various job positions. However, your cover letter can only be used for a specific one. Hence, it’s crucial to customize your cover letter for that specific job to persuade the hiring manager or employer that you have what it takes to be the best designer. Whether you’re a graduate of fashion design who’s looking for an entry-level job or a freelance designer, make sure to show interest.

3. Maintain Professional Image

Although you’ll be sharing personal information with the reader, it’s important to compose yourself. Don’t be overwhelmed with excitement, as you will tend to be emotional rather than rational in your cover letter. Also, to sound professional in writing, you need to be careful of your word choice. Even if your aim is to impress the reader, it’s not advisable to use words that even you are having a hard time understanding. You don’t need to use highfalutin jargon just to sound smarter.

Remember that words can express your emotions.

4. Highlight Your Exceptional Skills

An employer will be looking for someone who has a unique employment background. Therefore, this is your chance to showcase your qualities that set you apart from other candidates. But ensure that you don’t sound cocky when you write down your exceptional qualities. You always have to remember that how you turn your thoughts into writing says so much about your personality.

5. Prevent Committing Errors

We’re only humans, we all commit mistakes! This reason won’t be acceptable in writing a cover letter. In this digital world, it’s easy to delete and edit your output in various word-processing programs. If you want to avoid mistakes in writing a cover letter for a fashion designer role, you have to review your work not just once, not even twice, but a hundred times.

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