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What Is a Designer Business Card?

Designer business cards are known as an excellent business networking medium that is used in conveying your basic contact information—business name, business logo, contact numbers, office, and email address—to potential clients. Designer business cards are also a tool you can use in helping your customers to remember and keep in touch with you, in reflecting on your values and culture, and in drawing a clear line between you and your competitors.

Most designer business cards come in the standard size of 2 inches x 3 inches like that of a credit card. These cards are often distributed in corporate events, such as in exhibits, conventions, and fashion shows, and of course in business transactions, so the current client, when satisfied with your services, can spread the word about your designer services.

How to Make a Designer Business Card?

A designer business card should perfectly deliver its purpose which is to provide your prospects with useful information regarding your company and your position without compromising its room for your branding and design elements despite its limited surface area. If you are looking for the steps that can help you come up with such kind of business card, then check out the following guidelines below!

1. Determine the Information You Want to Include

Before you head on to the visual aspects of your designer business card, you should determine the first information you want to include on it. The basic details are usually comprised of your company's name, your full name, the positions you hold, office address, landline and cellphone numbers, and email address.

Other things you can include in your company's web page address if it has one, your picture, your social media handles for your social media accounts, and you can even include a QR code.

2. Come Up With the Layout for Your Card

If you opt to use any of our designer business card templates, it will be easier for you to come up with your preferred layout for your business card. With the template's existing ready-to-edit format, you can conveniently upload your images, tweak its design elements, fill out the spaces with your contact details, and you're good to go.

If you want to start from scratch, you just need to secure images or illustrations such as your business logo, the color scheme, and the font style and size.

3. Choose the Paper for Your Business Card

When you select the paper for your design business card, make sure you choose an appropriate color, a sturdy card stock, and choose a finish that people can easily scribble notes on. The sturdier the card and the higher the quality, the longer it lasts in the hand of your prospects.

4. Proofread and Finalize Before Printing

Before you print out your designer business card, you should proofread and check everything first so as to not to miss correcting spelling errors and wrong placement of design elements. No matter how simple your designer business card design, finalizing its content before printing should be a top priority.

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