What Is a Discount Instagram Post?

A discount Instagram post is an ad that businesses post on Instagram to promote their discounted products or services. Instagram says that around 80% of Instagram users are following a company on the platform.

How to Make a Discount Instagram Post

Encourage customers to get any discount offers through your modern Instagram posts and check out the tips to help you.

1. Showcase a Discount Offer

While people are mindlessly scrolling their feeds, a discount offer may stop them. It's not new that using a discount or promo is an effective marketing strategy that's why lots of brands use them. Remember, your discount is the pinnacle of your sale Instagram post, so highlight it.

2. Use Colors

Colors can make anything more beautiful. So, using them on your advertising post is going to be very effective. You can choose any shade you want for it. But if you want more likes, you can use blue as your dominant color. According to Curalate's research, 24% of posts who have blue as their dominant color got more likes than red pictures. However, this doesn't mean other colors can't have likes.

3. Write a Caption

Writing a short caption can help with your Instagram ad post engagement. You can add the vital details that your photo doesn't have on your caption. Writing a caption has some precautions, too. When you write, keep it short because people don't like reading long paragraphs.

4. Make Your Design Trendy

Use the trendy and popular graphic design on your social media post if you want to stay up to date. Check what's the most stylish colors or typography and apply it to yours. You can also explore trends and get some ideas to be more creative.

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