Discount Vouchers Templates

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Discount vouchers, which are also called discount coupons, are pieces of paper that make for wonderful gifts for every occasion. These vouchers may come in different kinds. For example: food vouchers, movie vouchers, discount coupons on shoes, accessories or clothes, etc. If you’re interested in making a voucher of your own, here are a few tips that might help you out:

  • Choose a design for your sample voucher that best fits with your company or product theme. Be creative with it, and try to come up with a design you think will attract more attention.

  • Insert your company’s logo.

  • Display details on when the coupon’s effectivity starts and when it ends; what products are affected by this discount and for how much. Be thorough with your coupon’s guidelines.

  • Include a coupon code at the very bottom of the paper. That way you’ll know how many people use the coupons to make purchases.

Vouchers are one way of advertising your businesses products; enticing customers to try your products for less than what they’re normally worth. Let’s face it, at the mere mention of a discount, just about everyone’s eyes would light up, as they think of the amount they can save and allocate to different items when they got out shopping. By using our templates here at, you can create beautifully designed formats for your business as well as personal use which are designed to help you sell more, earn more and just be generally creative with personal templates. They come in high resolution premium designs with graphics and images in 300 dpi resolution for beautiful layouts that are highly customizable according to your specifications. Ready made, easy to use, editable and printable; Hurry and Download your free template now at