What Is an Instagram Post?

To put it simply, an Instagram post contains some kind of image or video shared within Instagram, which is a popular and creative social media application.

As explained by The Balance, social media environments are good for instantly getting all kinds of content out there! Which makes Instagram perfect for your online marketing needs.

How to Make an Instagram Post?

Creating a new Instagram post is simple enough. However, if you’d like to know how you can fully utilize this platform, then have a read through our tips found right below!

1. Consider Your Instagram Post’s Content

Before you start working on the post itself, think about what it is you’re looking to advertise. Do you have a charity drive that you’re planning? Are you spreading awareness about an important global event? Is there a season-themed sale that you have in store?

By familiarizing yourself with the matter at hand, figuring out your Instagram post’s content will be a lot more intuitive!

2. Your Instagram Post’s Imagery

In social media content, the very first thing that draws a reader’s attention is the visuals. And, for an Instagram promotion, effective imagery is especially important for spreading interest quickly. So, when preparing your post’s pictures and artwork, ensure that those materials are thematically appropriate for what you’re advertising.

3. The Writing in Your Instagram Post

Making an effective Instagram promotion takes more than just appealing visuals--there’s also the dialog! The image post’s aesthetics are there for hooking a person’s interests, but reeling them in is done through what the dialog says.

For this, get a bit creative. Come up with a few cute or witty things to say, from the title to the taglines. And, when deciding on the text or font’s appearance, go for something that blends in nicely with the visuals, further enhancing the post’s appeal.

4. The Image Size for Your Instagram Post

Besides the matching aesthetics and interesting dialog, the finished image file (containing all the elements you put together) requires a suitable pixel resolution of 1080x1080. This is because of Instagram’s image size requirements, which means using the aforementioned resolution to prevent iffy visual quality in the post.

And with that, you now have a far better understanding of how an appealing Instagram post is made for efficient marketing. Lastly, if you want easily customizable content for your social media promotions, then don’t forget about checking out our Instagram Post Templates!

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