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What is a Discount Coupon?

A discount coupon is mainly used for marketing and advertising purposes in order to boost the sales of a business. It comes in a ticket or voucher form and is distributed to loyal customers or random people. The discount coupon is both useful for the customer and the business owner. It gives a discount for the customer whenever they purchase something in that store. As for the business owner, distributing the coupon will attract new customers.

How to Make a Discount Coupon

discount coupon template

Whether your discount coupon will be for a pass, referral, travel, shopping, or a payment, making a sample coupon will take a lot of steps. You need to make your discount more appealing and alluring for your customers and other people so that your marketing strategy will be effective. We have steps below for you to follow in making your discount coupon.

1. Company Name and Logo

The company name and business logo should be included in your discount coupon for branding. This will help the person who received the coupon recognize your company. They might promote and brag to other people about the great deals you have offered them. In this case, your company will approach a lot of audiences.

2. Discount Type

In making your discount voucher or coupon, you should recognize what discount you will be offering. Will it be a 50% discount? Or a discount for purchasing two or more items? In deciding this, you should consult your sales team in your company since they know what discount will be effective and, at the same time, will not affect your income.

3. Advertising Copy

Customers sometimes become reluctant in using printable coupons so you need to use an advertising copy that will convince them that by using your discount coupon, they will receive great benefits. Use words that are compelling but make sure that what you have said is all true. Do not promise something to your customers that are not true because they might not trust your company anymore if you failed your promises.

4. Coupon Duration

The coupon should have an expiration. Do not make a simple coupon that will last a lifetime because it will be a big loss of income. Decide a duration that is not that long but can still give enough time to your customers to accept the deal.

5. Terms and Conditions

To complete any blank coupon, it needs a section for the terms and conditions of the discount since money will be involved. You need to include restrictions on your discount coupons. The content of your coupon should explicitly state the items or services they can purchase or avail of that will be applicable to the discount coupon. Or, you can also state if the coupon will be exclusive to one item or not. Also, if you want, you can add promo codes on it that will be used upon redeeming the discount coupon.

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