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  • A plan that is written is better than said. If you rely on this idea, you surely are a planner.  May it be digital or traditional, a planner helps you in organizing the tasks good both for long term and short term intervals. Now, if you are looking for an editable planner to use as your personal planner for whatever purpose, take any of our editable planners available only on our site. These planner templates are available both in MS Word and Apple Pages. You only need to download your chosen template and then customize the given content of your own data. 

    What is an Editable Planner?

    An Editable Planner has the same feature as the common ones. It is just the content, and the design included in this template can be retouched based on your preference using the application used by the designer.  An editable planner has usage classifications. This can be a simple daily planner, weekly planner, monthly planner, or other specific cause such as travel day planner. 

    How to Create an Editable Planner

    It has never been unclear on how planners can help you in your goal setting. May it be a workout planner, student planner, training planner; these lead you precisely to where you plan your goals end. 

    You create a plan, so you will be able to set foot what you will be doing. Digital or not, a planner is a suitable medium that you can use. So, if you want to take your plans into action, you better create your planner now. Take some of your time reading the tips we prepared for you on what to remember when creating a planner that works. 

    1. Think of an Idea

    Like planning, your planner is no back outs. So, you better start determining what your purpose is before you create the inside of your planner. Changes along the way might lead you to reestablish your planner from the start. Aside from the additional costs, it also takes much of your time where we suppose your best concern. 

    If you prefer not to create from scratch, you may download a planner template that fits your goals set forth for the future. 

    2. Gather All Resources

    List down the resources that you will need both tangible and not. You also include the editing software that you will use. Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, for instance, are the application that you can utilize to edit the template once you prefer any of these templates we created and presented for your convenience. 

    3. Decide of the Interval

    After the data gathering, you may now plan to what extent you will use your planner. If you are planning to have a 12-month planner for your travel goals, then you should craft your planner the same as a calendar with corresponding days in a month and month in a year. This way, you will have a clear vision of when and where you will go at a particular time and date. 

    4. Include all the Details 

    Once you finalized your idea, gathered all your needs, and decided on what kind of planner you will create, you may now start inputting all the data that you have. These data comprise of your action plan toward your goal and its respective date and time. Make sure that every space you set is fillable enough to the length of the characters you insert. 

    5. Decide: Print or Digital

    Lastly, you have to settle on how you will use your planner. You choose either you will take it as printed copy wherein you will use a pen to take note of your plans or have it digital saved on your smartphones for easier access.