Managing one's time and schedule on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is an effective way to prioritize activities, consolidate targets, and define goals. Personal and business planners help out in organizing tasks and objectives efficiently. If you need help crafting a planner, you can choose from our Planner Templates. Our beautifully designed and professionally made templates are ready-made and free to download. Choose and download what you like for fonts, layout, or pictures depending on the available formats such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Microsoft WordPublisher, Numbers, and Apple Pages. Here at, you have access to 100% customizable planner templates to help get your personal life or business on the right track to success.

How to Make a Planner?

how to make a planner

A planner is an organizing document that helps you arrange your goals, schedules, tasks, appointments, and the like. Planners help manage time and activities efficiently to get things done. It also helps identify present and future goals and lets a person determine which items need to be done first.

Having business and personal strategic plans is essential because a life without plans or routines can make a person unproductive. According to an article posted on the Harvard Business Review, business planning takes about a week or much longer, depending on the scope of the project plan. Moreover, it was stated that planning works best when it's initiated with a team or a partner, as it makes the process easier to break down.

As mentioned, planning takes time, so you need to use the right and useful tools, like a planner document. If you are currently on the search for planner documents that will help you arrange and organize your financial plans, projects, and goals, then you've come to the right place. The printable planner templates provided on this site will cater to your needs as they are fully customizable and easily editable.

If you are planning to create a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly planner, read through the steps below and start building a simple planner that is functional and personalized.

1. Analyze Tasks and Routines

The first step in making a planner is to identify all the tasks at hand and analyze routines. Allocate time to determine these factors because it will be your basis on how to organize and place everything into consideration. Task analysis is greatly helpful in the corporate setting as it helps you understand and categorize workloads and projects. Through careful analysis, you can assign tasks to the right people and initiate projects.

2. Breakdown Tasks into Subtasks

Planning is not the mere errand of listing down to-do things and carrying them out. In planning, you have to set goals and timelines and arrange such goals in line with your routines and job descriptions. Moreover, breaking down the tasks will help you fully grasp the essence of each to-do and its order of importance and urgency. After the breakdown, categorize each one start assigning dates and schedules.

3. Organize Schedules and Calendars

Check your calendar of activities and assign a schedule for each project or task. Timetables are essential in meeting deadlines, so making one and coinciding them with your planned tasks will be a relief for you and your entire team.

4. Create the Planner

After analyzing the tasks or routines, setting goals, and assigning schedules, start creating the planner document. The planner must completely show all the factors mentioned above in an organized manner. You can fit the layout of the planner according to your preference. Arrange the details in a way that works for you; after all, it is your document.

5. Review and Update

Creating a sample planner does not stop in just one day because you need to update and revise the things written on it consistently. As you have finished one task, mark it as done, then proceed to another item. Tackle the items one by one until you have reached and realized your end-goals.

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