Excellence Certificates Illustrator Templates

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Reaching goals is a deed that must be merited. As Pat Riley quoted, ‘’Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.’’ Get to recognize the excellence of your student or employee by downloading this premium, comprehensive, and professionally written Excellence Certificate Template. This file is guaranteed and packed with original suggestive heading and content. Moreover, we assure you that this template is 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable in Adobe Illustrator format. So, make your school or company awarding ceremony convenient and by downloading this Excellence Certificate Template now!

How to Make an Excellence Certificate in Adobe Illustrator

Recognizing one’s deed is an effective way to motivate them to strive more. It gives them a sense of pride that boosts their confidence. As a study carried around by female academic students, 80% of them claimed that their confidence lowered due to the negative comments of the people surrounding them. So, motivate them to strive hard by giving them an excellence certificate. Here are some few tips on how to make one:

1. Pick the Right Color Scheme

One thing that you need to pay attention to is choosing the right color scheme to use. Complement the colors that you will use according to its utilization. If you are bound to make an excellent certificate for employees, stick to more conservative and formal colors, like gray and blue. But, if you are making an excellent certificate for students, you can make use of lively and funky colors.

2. Avoid Being Messy

If you aim to be formal, do not clutter the layout of your certificate. Instead of trying to fit so much information, hold yourself and you need to make sure that there are enough white spaces in each block of words. Do not risk the professionalism of your award certificate by indicating unnecessary wording.

3. Use Fonts Wisely

One thing that you do not want to do is to overdo the font styles and sizes that you use in your certificate. Set yourself in using three fonts and a normal font size. Avoid going crazy with fonts. Even though it may enhance the appearance of your appreciation certificate, the tendency would be it is hard to read.

4. Review the Certificate

You would not want to disappoint your awardee with a badly spelled sample certificate. Before presenting the award, you need to make sure that you reviewed everything. If you have any clarification, you can ask and navigate your awardee. This is one of the things that you can do to prevent such a dilemma.

5. Choose the Right Paper Stock

This is the last yet crucial tip. Choosing the right paper stock must be taken seriously, especially for a certificate that must be awarded through a paper document. Lightweight papers might feel flimsy. On the other hand, the heavy paper stock would give it a substantial value, giving the impression of appreciation for the awardee.


  • What Is a Certificate?

      A certificate is basically a document awarded to an individual who excelled in a certain field. They have shown such outstanding acts and were awarded through a certificate.

  • What Are the Parts of a Certificate?

      The following are the parts of a certificate:

      1. Title
      2. Presentation Line
      3. Recipient
      4. From
      5. Description
      6. Date
      7. Signature
      8. Border
      9. Logo
      10. Seal
      11. Lines
  • What Is the Difference Between a Certificate and a Diploma?

      There is a big difference between a certificate and a diploma. A certificate is usually awarded to students who excelled in a particular field not necessarily related to their studies. A diploma is awarded to students who completed an educational course.

  • How Would You Present your Awardee’s Name?

      There is a proper and formal way that you can present the name of your awardee. You can go by the usual first name, middle initial, and surname. Others, they reduced the first name and middle name, gaining them the first and middle name initials with the surname.

  • Who Can Issue an Excellence Certificate?

      Excellence certificates are made by the executives of a school or company. They are usually made for awarding.