Love knows no time. Lovebirds' celebration of hearts falls even on a unique time, such as in the autumn season. How lovely it is to witness two hearts commit to each other, promising to stay side by side for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, and in sickness and in health. Already planned your guest list? Hand them out beautifully crafted invitations for your fall-themed wedding. Make them with the assistance of our Fall Wedding Invitation templates. Download them in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator, and PSD. Produce them in 4x6 and 5x7 inches paper sizes with Bleed and portrait orientation style. See you in your best white attire!

How to Prepare Fall Wedding Invitations in PSD

Fall weddings may be rare, but they as elegant and romantic as those weddings celebrated in spring. The season can be assimilated to the wedding in many creative ways. Nina Callaway listed some wedding ideas for the fall season. But since a wedding in fall is unusual as mentioned, it is really important to send wedding invitations to the people you wanted to see at your wedding. Make them now by sticking to the guides and tips below.

1. Processional of the Wedding Details

Congregate the wedding details. Know the names of the couple who will tie the knot. It will be better if you can ask them what do they want to put on the invitation. Is it going to be their nickname or their complete first name? Maybe they are better known by their guests in their common names, so make sure to clarify this matter before inputting them on the invitation. Locate the setting of the wedding next to the couple’s details. When will be the wedding be and where will it take place? State the wedding schedule and venue on the invitation. Finally, compose the invitational pitch to set the tone of the wedding details.

2. Bless the Wedding Details on the Invitation

Settle the wedding details on an invitation template. You’re in a good place because Adobe Photoshop is the perfect software to make your invitation as it covers the tools you need to perfect any graphic document. Expect the images you will be adding to complement your wedding details to be of high-quality and your text contents to be admirably stylized. Utilize Adobe’s tools to make these possible. If you want the invitation to be finished quickly, download our fall wedding invitation templates above. They come with graphics and artworks that are autumn themed. Customize the suggestive contents with the wedding details you have accumulated earlier and modify them to get that perfect look of the invitation.

3. Consider Florals on the Wedding Invitation

You are going to have an elegant fall-themed wedding, but the wedding invitation signifies a simple wedding. So don’t be reluctant to design the invitation. You may use orange leaves as the document border or give the invitation card some rustic feels. Cover it with a modern design to make it more attractive. You can also use the built-in design of the invitation template you downloaded from us. They surely have the appropriate design for your fall-themed wedding. Enjoy the convenience our templates provide you!

4. Seal it with Love

Distribute the invitations inside an envelope. This is perfect for mailing them to the guests'respective houses and even when handing them personally. For sure they will be delighted to see a prepared invitation especially for them. Envelopes, in general, also make things more exciting because you really never know what it contains. You never know, your guests would be happy to know about the wedding. So as much as possible, include personalized envelopes in your wedding budget. It puts the invitation card in good condition and is also an aid in keeping the invitation stored so it won’t get lost.

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