June may be the most popular month to marry, but it does not mean that the other months are not favorable. If you prefer the breeze, fallen leaves, and shorter and colder days, autumn is the season for the wedding you have always been dreaming of. There is no other perfect time to gather your friends, family, and people close to you than your wedding day. Make them part of your fall wedding with this invitation template that you can get for free! With our editable fall wedding invitation template, you can be as creative as possible! Get this 100% customizable, easily editable, professionally designed, high-quality, saves time, and printable template to complement your wedding day!

How to Make a Fall Wedding Invitation Card in Microsoft Office Word

Fun fact: If you will ask who pays for the wedding, then Trip Savvy has the answers. Base on the figures, 19 percent of the time, it is the bride's parents. The groom and bride share in 32 percent of the cases. While the 15 percent is shared with the couple and parents.

Behind every wedding are full swing preparations that usually take so much time than the wedding day. Not to mention the pre-wedding activities that are more expensive to attend. Believe it or not, going to a Bachelor party will cost an average of $738 while attending a Bachelorette party will cost an average of $472, says Trip Savvy. Still, who would not spend more if a wedding only happens once in a lifetime for some. The perfect time for your wedding day will not depend on the season. Read below and follow the steps that follow in making a fall wedding invitation in Microsoft Office Word.

1. Look for Concept Boards & Pegged Inspirations

First, visualize how you want the invitation to look like. Selecting a concept or theme will help you get a head start. There are colors, decorations, or designs that are on trends, so keep an eye on those as inspirations. If you want a more traditional invitation card templates, you can refer to older cards. However, weddings are all about being memorable, thus make your invitation card unique. Take notes of the things that inspire you.

2. Create a Plan in Making the Invitation

Base on the concept you have, establish a plan or steps to design the wedding invitation. Writing down important steps is helpful so that you won't miss a single thing. The plan is all about instructions and details in making the fall wedding invitation card. And you have to make sure that it is thorough.

3. Start Working on the Wedding Invitation

When the plan is complete, start working on the creative invitation. Remember your plan and refer to it as you complete the invitation. Don't rush while creating the invitation. It is important to take your time and follow the steps, respectively. The last thing you want is starting over because you miss a step.

4. Generate Creativity; Font Styles, Color, and Layout are Important

As you already know, there are trends in colors, styles, fonts, and designs used for modern invitation cards. Still, your preference will dictate the design of the invitation. A good wedding invitation card is a mixture of the right things in one. Always take a glance at the invitation card if it looks good.

5. Finalize the Wedding Invitation; Make Everything Correct

Don't forget to read back or scan the simple invitation. Be mindful of the errors and make changes if necessary. Producing an invitation with typos is a big no. Also, checking the card will prevent you from producing a sloppily made one and repeating the card design all over again.

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