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What is a Farewell Flyer?

A Farewell Flyer is a flyer consisting of good wishes and farewell messages for a friend, colleague, or a boss who's leaving an establishment for good. On most occasions, these flyers are accompanied by a farewell party. It's very important to provide a sendoff party to an employee who has devoted his time to the company. For your farewell party needs, use a farewell card.

How to Create a Farewell Flyer

farewell flyer template

Farewell flyers mainly consist of inspirational, good luck, and thank you quotes. To help you gather inspiration, you can search for these online. If you want your minimal flyer to be really personalized, you can craft your own using different programs. However, if you want to be spared of the hassle, farewell flyer templates are available for you online as well. Choose one that you think is best. We will provide you tips on how to create the perfect one.

1. Decide On The Design

Before anything else, decide on the design and theme of your modern flyer. These include fonts, lines, colors, and such. Make sure to coordinate them in a way that's free from clutter. When it comes to fonts, use the ones that are not too stylish to be deemed incomprehensible. With colors, pair colors that contrast.

2. Incorporate Your Message

This includes your inspirational message for the person who's about to leave. If you can't construct your own, there are a lot of these online. However, this does not give you the liberty to copy everything from the internet. Just obtain key ideas for your event flyer and work your way from there. Copying your message completely from the internet will lack ingenuity. Choose one that best fits your situation.

3. Create a List of Attendees If You're Planning A Party

If you're planning a farewell party, create a list of its attendees. Try not to plan it all on your own because you're more likely to overlook or forget something. Have a friend or two to help you out with this. A party flyer is what you will be needing.

4. Include Party Details

If you are arranging a farewell party as well, don't forget to include its details such as the location, date, and time of the party in your advertising flyer. make sure to provide the complete details so as not to confuse your recipients. Incomplete information will cause absence among your recipients.

5. Proofread Everything

After having accomplished the tips above, proofread everything especially the party information. Giving out flyers with erroneous information in it can cause confusion to your recipients just as mentioned in the preceding tip.

6. Print and Use

After proofreading, your flyer is now ready to print and use. Make sure to invest in a good printer to give justice to your layout. You can opt for a back-to-back printing for your simple flyer. Have a trial printing first to see if there are any printer-related issues. Check for ink smudges as well. With your list of attendees, tick the names of those you already sent a flyer to. You have the option to hand these out personally or send them through email.

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