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How to Make a Farewell Card?

farewell card template

A farewell card is a gift that represents your emotional attachment to the person you are giving it to. The tone of this card depends on who you are writing to. There are tips written below to guide you in making your farewell card that you can refer to.

1. Know your Subject

It's necessary to determine who your subject is to know what design, tone, and words to use in your simple card. If you have the basis, it would be easier for you to start and finish it with less time used.

2. Address with Salutation

To make it more personal, add salutation in your farewell card to let the recipients feel that the letter is merely for them not for anyone else. You have to be sensitive to separate the idea of 'someone' from 'everyone'. Start your message and outline it with a sense of belongingness.

3. Make a Draft

Before you write your message in your modern card, make a draft and recheck it first to avoid erasures and to ensure that the message is properly written. This is also necessary for you to reassess if you have missed any important points in your message.

4. End With a Hope

Always end your message with hope. Let your readers feel that even if you will no longer be part of their journey, you are still hoping for the best for them. Inspire them to go on.

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