How to Make a Farewell Invitation Card

There is an average of 35.5 million Americans that use professional movers or old station wagons, according to This means that there are many people who move to other cities, states, or even countries on a regular basis. With that said, it is safe to assume that we will experience sending off a friend or family member to a faraway place at least once in our lives. While this can cause sadness, showing love and support, like throwing them a farewell party, can make them extremely happy.

If you are planning a farewell party, ensure that the person moving is surrounded by the people they love, like close friends and family. Creating an invitation is the best way to inform them of the party, whether it is a surprise or not. But if you want a few tips in creating a farewell invitation card that everyone from the party guests to the celebrant can appreciate, read more.

1. Plan the Design

Whether it’s handmade or sent by email, you’ll need to start by deciding the overall appearance of your invitation card. Make sure its contents are memorable and the design makes it printable. Decide which words to emphasize on the invitation in order to grab the reader’s attention and figure out the outline of your invitation’s message. Plan the positions of the words, the pictures and the color scheme of the flyer. You need to present it in a way that’s memorable as nobody is going to remember you if they’re handed a nearly blank invitation card. Once you've figured it all out, making it will be easier from here on.

2. Details and Directions

Give information of the venue such as where the party is located, and what time it starts and ends. Add details and specify what type of farewell party this is going to be. When typing down these details, use a clear font so that the guests can easily read and understand them. You may also add a map with directions onto your invitation card so that your guests will be able to find their way without problems.

3. Make It Personalized

Think about the person that this farewell party is for, whether it’s a fellow employee at work or a classmate moving schools, you’ll need to tailor your message for your guests accordingly. Instead of going for a typical invitation script, try to mention personalized things and inside jokes to each of your guests when creating the invitation. This will make them feel even more included and enticed to come and join. It is one way you can make your invitation feel less repetitive.

4. Photos for Memories

If the farewell party is a bit more formal (like in the workplace), then add a professional photo of the person. However, if the party is more personal or among close friends, you may choose to add group photos with close friends or funny photos of the celebrant for humor. Placing pictures of the celebrant in the invitation can give your invitation card the kick it needs to get everyone to join in. Make sure that the photos don’t take up too much space or are too small so it won’t draw attention away from the invite’s message.