If you are a member of a church as an administrator or church worker, chances are, you are tasked with creating a promotional flyer for an upcoming church event. To help you inform churchgoers, choose from our wide selection of Church Flyer Templates that you can download instantly. Our templates are ready-made and easy to use. We provide an assortment of models that are perfect for church conferences: Easter Sunday events, prayer events, revival events, and many more! We offer 100% customizable, printable, high quality, professional, quick, and beautifully designed templates. Available in US 8.5 x 11 inches with bleed and formats such as DOCX, PSD, AI, PUB, INDD & IDML, and APPLE PAGES (MAC). Get your hands on this fantastic offer now!

What Is a Church Flyer?

A church flyer is an advertising/promotional tool that is used to advertise a church event. These notable religious events include regular Sunday worship, Pentecost, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and many more. Regular churchgoers are the target of church administrators to ensure that the event will be well-attended. On some occasions, the religious event may refer to a conference (with a guest speaker).

Did you know that 47% of non-religious Americans are more likely to attend a church event when an invite comes from a friend? If you want to increase the number of churchgoers by the end of the year, then you might want to tell your churchgoers to convince their friends. By word-of-mouth, you might be cutting expenses without even realizing it.

How to Create a Church Flyer?

When creating a church flyer, there are some aspects that it should contain to appeal to its rightful audience. To know what these elements are, read them below.

1. Create Your Flyers with Us

We understand how difficult it is to create and design your flyers. That's why we provide you church flyer templates to make it easier on your end. Choose one among our beautifully designed templates for your church events. These are entirely customizable, so create away!

2. Include Related Pictures

Pictures create as much impact as the graphics itself. Include specific images (such as praying, worshipping, etc.) to denote the sacred ceremony. Your photographs are one of the focal points of your flyer, so provide nothing but the best and high-quality images.

3. Make Use of Dividers such as Borders, Boxes and Lines

Compressed content can make your flyer messy. To ensure a tidy disposition and readability, use borders, boxes, and lines. These dividers can be disguised as part of your flyer's design. And if you want to emphasize a point, you can place it in a box (or print it in bold, capitalize, or highlight it).

4. Ensure Balance

Sure, the colors, graphics, and imagery can get overwhelming. But, you must not forget the main point as to why you are producing church flyers--that is to get your message across. Ensure a balance between your content and the graphics to deem it readable.

5. Summarize Your Message As Much as Possible

Too much news can cause disinterest. To avoid such, put them in bullet points. With bullet points, your message is easier to read and understand. A bullet point should consist of two sentences at most. Maintain the length as you go along for them to be well-proportioned.

6. Print to Distribute

Review the material first before printing. Afterward, print to distribute. Like what has been mentioned in the introduction, distribute the flyers to churchgoers to ensure attendance at your event. You may distribute outside churches. And while you're at it, talk your churchgoers into convincing their friends to attend as well.

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