Many people are wandering in despair and don’t know a place to run to. Fortunately, we have what we consider our second home, the church. Church is not a building. It’s a family that you belong to. Make someone feel belonged by reaching out to them through our Ready-Made Church Brochure templates. These brochure templates are downloadable and editable in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Publisher. They come in bifold and trifold and are available in 16.53 x 11.69 inches, A3, A4, and US letter sizes. Make your church home for the hopeless, depressed, and people in doubt of a bright future. Start communicating and consolidating them with the help of brochures. Be an instrument of a changed life now!

How to Make a Church Brochure in Pages

Church brochures is a communication and information tool. One value of church brochures is to be a medium of connecting to the people. Another is to educate people about the church, even with the limited information and wisdom shared in it. It can serve as an instrument for a person to grow his or her faith. If your church doesn't have one yet, make them now in Apple Pages by following the tips and steps below.

1. Prepare a Brochure Template

Prepare a blank pamphlet style document. Change the orientation style settings and change the number of columns. The number of columns should be parallel with the number of your pages folds. Format the document according to the arrangement you want to achieve for the positions of the texts and images. Have your template ready-made with our church brochure templates above that you can download for free. They are bifold and trifold ready and are customizable in Apple Pages. Have no trouble with the structure of the contents as you can easily replace the suggestive contents with your church details.

2. Introduce your Church

Enter details about your church. Place the name of your church and give a short description of your congregation. Disclose the church’s mission and vision. If you are to include something from the bible, use appropriate verses or scriptures that will encourage your brochure readers in the faith. Let people know that they are very welcome to your church’s small groups, worship celebrations, and other church gatherings where they can meet real people with real stories. You can showcase a list of the different ministries involved in your church, such as the youth group, children’s ministry, ushering, dance, media, design, worship team, etc.

3. Add a Call-to-Action

Tell people how they could connect to your church. Mention your church service and gathering schedules. State the address where they can find your church. Include the contact numbers and other contact details of your church: social media accounts, email, website, etc. Be the helping hand they can reach out to in and out of season of despair.

4. Enhance the Brochure with Design

If you have prepared photos for the brochure, place them beside their respective content. An actual photo of your church members is advisable to present proof of changed lives. It will also help enhance the brochure in its entirety. Produce a creative and modern brochure by adding background colors or inputting your design ideas for the brochure.

5. Print and Handout the Brochures

Review your finished brochure content. Read it yourself and ask this question. Does it represent a vessel of hope, light, and belongingness like a family? If it does, congratulations, you just made the perfect brochure! Print them now and hand them out during your church services or spread the flame of faith to the general audience. Create more of your church’s graphic material needs with our graphic templates that have high-quality images and original artworks that beautify the front and back portions of the templates. Make use of them now and present professionally made outputs.

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