Concert Flyers Pages Templates

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Arrange a music event by making an excellent and effective concert flyer with the help of our concert flyer templates that you can download in the Apple Pages format in any Mac device accessible. With the help of the high-quality layout of these templates, you can easily incorporate the pertinent details about the concert to pique the interest of your target audience. No specific design elements in mind? You don't need to worry! Our template is complete with appropriate artworks, illustrations, images, font styles, background colors, and designs that are 100% customizable to use as your own. Available in 8.5×11, 8.27×11.69 inches + bleed with easily editable and printable features. What are you looking for? Our concert flyer templates offer the most hassle-free process, so download one in Apple Pages for free now!

How To Make A Concert Flyer In Apple Pages?

A flyer fits for advertisements. For a concert event organizer, a concert flyer is a cheap and effective promotional device that you can make. It would charge you less cost, effort, and time, especially for small business owners. In making one, one must not feel and experience the hassle. You can browse some concert flyer inspiration online, or you can make your own. So, whether you are making a new year's eve concert flyer or a concert series flyer, follow these basics to achieve making one successfully.

1. Launch Apple Pages In Your Mac Device

First things first: launch your Apple Pages online application in your Mac device. Why Apple Pages for your concert flyer? Apple Pages is a powerful word processor that you can use in making a modern and impactful concert flyer. You can also utilize their Apple Pencil feature wherein you can write or illustrate by hand — a perfect fit in making one.

2. Pick A Relatable Template

The next step that you can do is to look for a relatable template. Look no more! Here at, we can guarantee you that we have the perfect templates for your concert flyer! You can download premium professionally-written and awesome concert flyer design templates that you need. For instance, if you tend to look for the best template for your school live concert program, we offer student-friendly templates for you.

3. Make Use Of Black Background

A black backdrop would make your concert flyer sleek, professional, and clean. It may seem that bright colors can capture one's attention, in a concert flyer, a black background is predominant. To add life into your black backdrop, you can make use of bright and lively colors (such as neon). It would set the minds of your audience as to what would be the central theme of the concert. For example, if you make your gospel concert flyer, make use of black as your background and use evangelical fonts that would give an impression of the religious event.

4. Select Right Images

For added impact, you can insert images into your concert flyer. But remember, do not clutter images into your flyer and go for a single image that would scream as to what type of concert they will expect. E.g., you can insert the band logo or photo related to your rap concert flyer.

5. Include The Essential Information

Your concert flyer design would go to waste if you would not include the event information. Include the date and time, place, contact number and the entrance fee. Highlight these essential pieces of information. Do not overwhelm your audience with the price; instead, you can put the fee on the footer of your flyer. 

6. Produce For Distribution

Afterwhich, you can now print an adequate amount of your concert flyer. Make sure to print and distribute them in the right time interval — not too early and not too late.