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What Is a Logo?

A logo is a symbol or icon of a company. It is displayed outside its establishment, printed on paper during transactions, etc. Most of the time, its visual presentation contains a historical meaning to it. The brand logo can give us a hint as to what the services or products the company offer. These are essential to your business, considering these are what they will identify with you for a considerable amount of time. Aside from logos alone, colors can also strengthen brand recognition. Establish your signature color to be coordinated with your company logo.

Emotions run humans. 90% of purchases are emotions-based. So, if you wish to attract more patrons, evoke positive feelings such as nostalgia by coming up with a name that your target audience can relate to.

How to Create a Logo?

To create an astounding logo, one that's distinguishable by many, you'll need guidelines on how to do so. Scan through them below.

1. Coordinate Your Logo to Your Brand

As a business owner, you should know your brand like the back of your hand. Your logo should speak for it. Create it in a way that fosters faster brand recognition. If your business centers on beverages or food, then incorporate related graphics.

2. Create to Impress

Get creative. If you are going to spend so much time crafting your logo, don't settle for blandness. Strive to make your logo resonate with your target market. Be unique with your logo design, and make sure your logo stands loud and proud compared to your competitors.

3. Envision Your Brand with a Classic Black and White

One of the most common misconceptions about designing is that colors make up most of the impression. This may be partly true, but, your logo should already look good sans the colors. Your logo might end up in one of the local newspapers and newspapers, as we know it, are in black and white. It should be able to deliver its intended effect without the impressive color schemes.

4. Keep Your Logo Simple

Simplicity is key. Your target market should immediately get the gist of your simple logo at a single glance. A complicated logo with plenty of colors will confuse your target market, so keep things at a minimum. In sports, Nike has a singe check logo, and in clothing, Chanel has two interlinking C's.

5. Blend Your Colors Well

It is common knowledge that colors evoke certain emotions. For example, bright colors appeal to youngsters, whereas dark or subdued colors attract the older generations. Use colors responsibly; use colors that your target audience can relate to.

6. Don't Be in Haste

Take your time designing your creative logo and deciding on the color schemes. Chances are, you'll end up having a half-baked or unsatisfactory result if you are in haste. Work with a graphic designer, if you want. You'll be using your logo for a very long time, so make sure you get it right the first time.

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