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How To Make A Custom Flyer In Apple Pages?

From the word itself custom, it is a type of flyer that exercises or uses traditional methods and designs. It is a cheap promotional instrument that even commoners can make. But the downside of it is it has a short life-span so for your custom flyer to last, it must embody a content and graphics that are unforgettable and remarkable. To enhance your custom flyers, keep on reading this article as we gathered helpful tips you can obey in making an effective and long-lasting custom flyer.

1. Know Your Purpose

Your flyer will turn out to be worthless and trash-worthy if you do not have a goal or purpose to hit. You need to have a crystal clear idea about its use. If your custom flyer is for business purposes, you can make custom business flyers such as sales flyer, professional flyers, and such. But if you want it for personal use, create it as you want it to be. For example, if you are going to host a Halloween party and you want to invite everyone as guests, make your flyer as inviting as the party your promoting.

2. Navigate For The Right Custom Flyer Template

After determining the purpose of your custom flyer, look for the right template here at We offer a variety of custom templates that you can download. You can download custom open house flyer, custom wedding flyer, custom thanksgiving flyer, custom party flyer, and many more. Just scroll for more and download our free templates!

3. Open Your Apple Pages Application

After downloading the perfect template for your custom flyer, open your Mac device, and launch the Apple Pages application as your flyer maker. This online editing platform is the best editing application you can use in making your custom flyer. You can add illustrations, lets you effortlessly create a sensational flyer and share your file to any accessible device. In that way, you can practically make your custom flyer for any occasion.

4. Fill Out Essential Information

Your flyer must embody the necessary information that the audience needs to know. Break down your data into digestible sections. Do not exercise wall-to-wall content; instead, use bullet points for summary and emphasis. E.g., in making your custom bbq restaurant flyer for your grand opening, include your restaurant's name, location, contact information, and website (if applicable). In that way, you can gain more customers as they are knowledgeable enough about your business.

5. Print And Distribute Your Custom Flyer

Finally, you are now at the end of your journey in making your custom flyer — printing and distributing. Before publication, make sure that your custom flyer is in its best shape. After, you can now choose the right paper stock to use in printing. Print an appropriate amount of it and start distributing it to the public.

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