Looking to the future, most people may train in industries where job numbers are increasing. However, the unemployment rate still remains the most regularly referenced economic indicator in the United States. In 2018, there were 165.54 million people considered by the US civilian labor force. Still, establishing a career in the middle of a struggling economy is not impossible. If you want to grow professionally, start building your resume. Here are Custom Resume templates that you can download from our collection. Get ahead of other applicants by choosing one of these documents, which is editable in Mac Pages. 

There is no one way to write a resume. But you can start by browsing through our trove full of resume templates for all types of job positions. A well-made resume makes a good first impression. Because of that, make sure it highlights your skills, interest, education, work experience, and references. Other than that, contact information should also be in your resume. For hundreds of fonts to choose from, pair two different fonts that compliment each other. It will make your message stand out. 

Next, download a template that suits your personality. Your resume tells so many things about you. The way it is written can be a test of your character. Moreover, a good resume is also an effective communication tool between an applicant and a potential employer. To make sure it is without errors, review your resume, and make necessary adjustments. Lastly, save and print your resume. Enclose it with an envelope, so it looks professional and formal.