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How to Make a Music Flyer in Apple Pages?

A flyer contains promotional texts and designs that aim to captivate the audience's attention and interest. Despite being traditional and old-fashioned, flyers, along with brochures and posters, are still effective and reliable when it comes to promoting any goods and services. Professionals at the DRMG claim that advertising flyers are still one of the best strategies in offline advertising. Amongst the various type of flyers is the music flyer. Music flyers provide information about musical events, live concerts, festivals, lessons, schools, groups or bands, workshops, and many more. The information aims to spread awareness about such services and events for the people to engage and attend. So here are the steps in making music flyers in Apple Pages.

1. Determine the Purpose of the Flyer

Since it is a music flyer, what needs to be specified is its purpose, as well as the genre. The flyer can be used in promoting events, concerts, shops, schools, and for many other reasons. So, decide and specify which is the purpose of your very own music flyer to prevent confusion from the target audience. Afterward, if the flyer is for concerts and festivals, the genre must also be specified to help in determining which target audience suits the genre better. The genre greatly affects the impact of the music flyer since some genres have far more listeners than the others. So, that is why it is very significant to be as particular as possible.

2. Think of an Obtainable Goal

To begin, think of an effective goal that can make the flyer a success. The goal must include the target audience and the target location that the flyers should be distributed. Think thoroughly of the target audience because they are the ones who can give assurance of the promotion's effectivity. It might be expected for everyone to love music; however, not everyone loves the same kind of music. Some specifications need to be considered when it comes to determining the target audience. The essential one is the genre since many people are biased in the music genre. If the music flyer focuses on a classical music show, older people are expected to be the targets and some old souls in the younger generation. If the genre is rock, then rock-lovers are the expected audience. It does not necessarily mean that classical lovers are only limited to classical music, but it gives more assurance to the flyer's effectivity. Then, afterward, think of the areas to find these people. These places can be music shops and musical events.

3. Design with Relevance

In your Mac, open Apple Pages and start designing the music flyer. In designing, all you need to consider is the theme of the event or the genre of the music. If the event is retro-themed or 80s-themed, the design should reflect the music from the past. If it is for an electronic festival, the design should be simple yet poppy. Make sure to incorporate relevant designs that speak for the purpose, itself, so that it can attract the right audience better. Also, choose a color scheme that reflects the theme and, at the same time, pleasant to the eyes. Avoid using clashing colors that can destroy the art of the flyer.

4. Insert Necessary Texts

After designing, insert the details that are needed for every audience's knowledge. The information should answer what, when, and where. It is essential to be brief and straightforward since that is what differs a flyer from brochures. You can also include a brief catchphrase to make it more interesting.

5. Edit and Save the Flyer

Finalize everything and recheck for any errors. Make sure that everything is set and the designs are pixel-perfect. Afterward, save the music flyer and print! Then, distribute the flyers to the target audience.

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