People love music and a lot of them enjoy indulging in it with a crowd. Because of that, they’ve come up with many different kinds of gatherings that focus on music. So, do you have an upcoming music festival that needs a bit of advertising? Or are you throwing together a small Battle of the Bands contest? Download our professional Ready-Made Music Poster Templates and promote your rhythm-filled events with style! Our printable designs come in sizes of 11x17 and 24x36 inches; easily editable and 100% customizable in Apple Pages. Download now and spread the word about your jazz concert or orchestral auditions!

How to Create Music Posters in Apple Pages

Without a doubt, music is an essential part of our lives. Whether it’s just listening to your favorite playlist while commuting to/from work or taking up a career of performing in a rock band, there’s no denying that music is ingrained in our culture and day-to-day living.

Additionally, it’s been proven that music has a significant effect on us medically. In an article from, it’s mentioned that various studies show that patients experienced improvements in their treatments and recovery period when they listen to music. With results like that, it’s no wonder we have a constant desire to host large events for our listening pleasure.

If you’re planning out a music-focused gathering for the public to enjoy, then it’s a good idea to do some advertising and do it early. To help you get people buzzing about that upcoming hip hop dance party or DJ live tour, we’ve got our Ready-Made Music Poster Templates for you to take advantage of! Plus, you can check out our comprehensive tips (seen below) and see how to quickly assemble a promotional poster using your Mac computer and Apple Pages.

1. An Audition of Potential Material

If you’re without any experience or training in art and can’t think of a poster design by yourself, there’s no need to worry, since our music poster samples act as effective templates to work off of. They’re are also created to provide quick and simple customization, making them perfect for even amateurs to use.

No matter what kind of music event you’re preparing, we’ve got a good variety of poster designs to cover you. You can choose retro typography art for a music festival or sleek vector illustrations for an EDM concert!

2. Make Your Poster Look as Awesome as Music Sounds

For those that use Mac desktops (and iOS devices), Apple Pages is a great app for editing our designs. Pages provides a simple, streamlined interface while offering enough depth to truly personalize your template!

After downloading and saving the chosen poster sample, open the file in Pages and start altering the graphic design as needed. As already stated, our templates are easy to customize, but you can choose to leave yours as-is, since its premade aesthetics are already suitable for printing.

And, when drafting the written content, having some resources can help improve the quality of your writing.

3. Manage Your Preparations in Other Ways Too

With your shiny new poster design saved and waiting, it’s time to consider other kinds of material to help get your venue ready!

Your event is most likely gonna use tickets for its guests to use. You’ll be interested in our ticket templates if you’re looking to complete the stub designs on time.

For smaller handouts to distribute along with your posters, download one of our music flyer templates for quick and easy editing. Take note of where you’re allowed to pass around your flyers and plaster your posters.

4. Drum up Anticipation for the Performance

Once all of your promotional material is put together, you’re finally ready to print copies and hand them out for all to admire. With our versatile music templates, you can rake in a big crowd for any concert or competition!

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