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What Is a Sales Flyer?

A sales flyer is a promotional material used to advertise a specific event. Sales flyers are distributed in crowded places to inform individuals of an upcoming sale, whether in a mall, boutique, garage (sale), home, etc. Various discounts and promos are included in the flyer to entice consumers to attend said event. It comes in different sizes, and it is applied with a glossy finish.

62% of individuals avoid television ads by changing the channel or muting it, while 81% don't bother reading advertisements in magazines. With what the statistics exhibit, it's wise to invest in flyers to guarantee that you delivered your message across effectively.

Sales flyers are distributed commonly during grand-openings, year-end sales, and Black Friday. This is a technique observed by businesses to clear out the current goods on display.

How to Create a Sales Flyer?

Attract the right customers by producing a valid sales flyer. To create one, read the tips below.

1. Download and Use One of Our Templates

To save you the hassle of creating a sales flyer from scratch, why not use one of our free sales flyer templates? It includes suggestive headings and original artworks/designs that will surely do the tedious job for you.

2. Add a Catchy Headline

One way of grabbing the attention of your audience is to create a catchy headline. This should be the highlight (aside from the graphics) of your flyer. Display this in a larger font than the main content of your brochure.

3. Prioritize Your Target Audience

Put yourself in your target audience's shoes. Determine what's in and out for them. Creating a flyer that is not in any way, relatable to your audience will not attract the rightful audience. To somehow have a guideline when creating your brochure, establish your target audience first.

4. Add Impressive Imagery

Images have a tremendous influence on us. They trigger deep-seated memories that some of us may have already forgotten. If you have created an impact on your readers, then they are more likely to participate in the event.

Advertisements also influence the buying decision of consumers.

5. Use Color Patterns

Apart from images, colors also trigger emotions. Some may irritate, some may not. To be safe, use your company colors. And if not, get creative and experiment on complementing colors (you may use a color wheel for your reference). You may also focus on one color, then play with its schemes.

Make sure it does not interfere with your font color, or it will deem your content incomprehensible.

6. Be Coherent with Your Message

Your flyer should be able to emit its message to your reader immediately. If it takes a couple of minutes for your reader to understand the contents of your brochure, then it will cause disinterest among them. Include the essential information such as the date, location, contact information, the products to be sold, etc.

Lack of any of the essential information will discourage the readers from attending the event.

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