When trying to decide on a promotional strategy for your salon business, you need to consider the effectivity. Backed up by studies and surveys, flyers are still one of the most practical and inexpensive tools in promoting businesses, products, and services. Even in this modern generation, where gadgets and technology reigns, printed ads still prevail and remain as strong. To help you in creating flyers for promoting your salon, Template.net is offering high-quality templates in Illustrator that are beautifully designed by professionals. These ready-made flyer templates are 100% customizable, fully printable, and easily editable in all versions of Adobe Illustrator! Download any of our templates now, it will undoubtedly help you save time and effort!

What Is a Salon Flyer?

Flyers, just like advertising brochures and promotional posters, are marketing tools that are commonly used by businesses and organizations because of their effectivity. A salon flyer, on the other hand, is a type of marketing material dedicated to promoting the services of a salon business.

How to Make a Salon Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

According to one survey, nine out of ten consumers associate the quality of the printed materials to the business' quality of service. To guarantee yourself of high-quality salon flyers that'll give you the recognition you deserve, here are some steps that might come in very handy.

1. Identifying the Purpose of the Flyer

It already makes sense that the purpose of your flyer has something to do with your salon business, but you need to identify where or how you intend on using your flyers. Some would use it as a notice for a grand opening, discount sale, job hiring, or for business promotion. Identifying the purpose can help you determine what information to include in the flyer and how to convey them to the readers.

2. Determining the Offered Goods and Services

The most common services offered in salons include but are not limited to hairstyling, nail art, and facial spa. Besides these services that are offered to walk-in customers, salons also offer goods that customers can use at home. These goods include hair treatment products, nail polish, essential oils, and skincare products, just to name a few. To be guided on what goods and services to include in your flyer, you should prepare a simple list consisting of these details.

3. Deciding Which Information to Include

Unlike brochures, marketing flyers do not need to be thorough to convey information to the readers, it only needs an eye-catching and impactful tagline that's able to summarize your message. Aside from the tagline, the other necessary details that you need to include are the company name, special offers, location of the establishment, opening hours, and contact numbers. Lastly, supporting your contact information with a call to action may be advised to encourage people to reach out to you for inquiries or reservations.

4. Designing With Relevance

Salon business flyers commonly consist of several beauty-related elements over a creative and trendy design. However, you will need to use a trusted application to be able to pull it off. The editing application that you need is Adobe Illustrator and it will allow you to freely edit the design without having to worry about affecting the quality. Be creative with the design but make sure to leave room for white space, this will help prevent the layout from looking cluttered. In terms of colors, don't use combinations that clash, every color should complement the other to come up with a harmonious-looking design.

5. Inserting Planned Content and Saving

After designing your professional flyer, add the necessary information and arrange it accordingly. There are pieces of information that need to be more prominent than the other, and these should be written in bigger and bolder texts. Afterward, review and finalize everything to ensure that the content is free from errors and the design is capable of turning heads. Lastly, save your work and prepare it for printing.

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