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How to Make Salon Flyers in Microsoft Word?

A study says that a beauty salon or parlor has a yearly growth of 2.7%. Moreover, advertising your salon business is no easy job. You need to make a lot of effort. If you want to promote your salon through a traditional way, you can use flyers. Flyers are still effective today because they are easy to make, not expensive, and are easy to distribute.

1. Feature Your Salon Services

It has to be that you boldly star your services on your beauty salon flyers. This is an essential section on your flyer to make your services known to the market. When you write, don't make a long paragraph, but make a list. For example, you have a nail salon, then list down all the services you offer. Another thing if your salon provides hair extension, massages, facials, and skincare services, then list them down. Your customers will have to check the type of service that they may need. Then, they can visit your salon and then get your services. Another thing, write the price list on your salon flyers. This way, they can ready their money when they go to your salon.

2. Make Your Flyers Attractive

Flyers should get your customers' attention. Make your flyers rise against other salon flyers out there. You need to make your flyers something that your potential customers will read rather than throw away. Never underestimate the designs of your flyers because they represent you as a business. Moreover, you can make use of salon templates from above to make your salon flyers. When you design, you have a lot of choices. You can choose from different themes and colors. But you need to make your designs look professional. Escape from poor choices of motifs and colors, but as much as possible, make your leaflet design match each other.

3. Include Offers

To make your beauty flyers more engaging, add discounts, and offers. People get attracted to discounts. You can increase the traffic in your salon through this strategy. Who does not love discounts? This way, you can have more customers to get your services and earn more profit.

4. Other Information

Be it a salon or spa, make your location known. This way, people can quickly go to your place. Next, you include your contact services. Write your salon website, contact number, and social media account. By this, your customers can reach you for inquiries and clarifications.

5. Use a Call to Action

Your goal is to make your customers come to your salon. If you make your salon flyers passive, then you fail. Use a call to action to provoke customers to go and get your services. Think of a possible phrase that will get your customers' attention. You need to challenge them to avail from your services.

6. Open Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word to make your salon leaflets. Open your salon flyer template and customize it. Microsoft Word is not only for creating flyers, but it can also be for banners, fundraiser posters, and brochures.

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