The world of food service is a very diverse and interesting industry. From mom-and-pop joints to fancy five-star restaurants, there’s a lot for consumers to choose from. Along with the variation in establishments, there’s plenty of different roles that go into running a food-serving business; bakers, waitresses, managers, etc. Are you looking to get into food service, as well? Then let us help out with our 100% customizable Food Service Cover Letter Templates! Our professional samples are easily editable in Apple Pages, and are printable in both A4 and US letter sizes. Download now and put together a spiffy application with our many templates!

How to Make a Food Service Cover Letter in Pages

According to a page from, a cover letter enables you to give a memorable introduction to your resume, allowing you to elaborate on some of your relevant accomplishments.

Keep on reading down below for some handy tips on how to write an effective cover letter with your macOS desktop and our customizable templates!

1. Draft a Base for Your Cover Letter

After getting your hands on a template and opening it in Apple Pages, it’s time to start off by making a rough draft of what you want the contents to say. Put in all the essential bits like your opening, accomplishments, referrals (if any), etc.

2. Add Flair and Polish the Tone

Now that you have an estimate of your cover letter, you should work on making it sound more interesting for the recruitment manager to read. While it’s important that your credentials meet the requirements for the position you’re aiming for, the recruiter is still going to feel iffy about considering you if your writing is bland or of poor quality. Also, don’t forget to maintain a consistent tone of confidence.

3. Take Advantage of Online Resources

If you’re having trouble with you’re writing, then doing an online search will find you the help you need. With your favorite search engine, you can find plenty of useful things like a thesaurus, grammar checker, example/reference documents, and a lot more!

4. Prepare and Organize

With your cover letter (and resume) taken care of, you can now mail your application to interested employers. To help you get ready for an interview (and your new job), it’s a good idea to use things like a planner, schedule, checklist and such.

Land a job as a sous chef, assistant manager, waiter, or whatever else with our Food Service Cover Letter Templates!

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