Food is one of the basic necessities of a person. For this reason, lots of entrepreneurs and business people opt to run a restaurant, food store, café, and the like. With the tight competition in this specific industry, how would you make sure that you stay on top of your game? Simple, have the right advertising material. Worry not! You can create one with the help of our ready-made food flyer templates you can download in several file formats including Apple Pages. These 100% customizable and beautifully designed templates enable you to showcase your restaurant’s specialty food. And because each file is easily editable, you can modify the details written on the template to best suit your needs. Hurry! Get your template today!

How to Create a Food Flyer in Apple Pages?

The physical structure of a restaurant is not enough to draw people’s attention. Restaurateurs should go the extra mile to entice customers to their restaurant/s. However, going the extra mile doesn’t necessarily mean exhausting your business’ resources. A great marketing strategy, paired with the right promotional materials will suffice.

Up until today, restaurant owners or caterers distribute food coupons and flyers to passers-by to increase the customer base. Print materials such as flyers are cost-efficient; thus, making it one of the most popular forms of advertising. If you are managing a food company, then start designing a food flyer to let everyone know you’ve got the most delicious food there is. Don’t know how? Follow the steps provided below.

1. Use Apple Pages

If you have an Apple device such as Mac, we suggest that you make use of Apple Pages in creating a food flyer or restaurant flyer. Pages is a word processor which enables users to create aesthetically pleasing documents perfect for advertising. When using this application, you can style your text, insert images, collaborate with your team. If you don’t want to start from a blank sheet, we have ready-made food flyer templates you can download in Apple Pages file format. We also have other templates like menus, restaurant vouchers, and restaurant brochures specifically tailored for your business.

2. Incorporate Brand Colors and Fonts

At first glance, the recipients of your flyers must have an idea that the advertising material is from your company. To do so, make use of the colors and fonts which are somehow “tied” to your brand. Remember that the right choice of design elements to incorporate in your flyer will help you achieve any style you want, be it creative, modern, elegant, simple, minimalist, etc.

3. Know How to Arrange the Information

People read printed materials from top to bottom. For this reason, you first have to identify the most important information you would like to communicate to the target market. Announcements like a grand opening, special week-long sale, discount, or a food festival are most likely to attract the customers. Moreover, avoid writing lengthy statements on your flyer. You may include your restaurant’s menu and a brief description of your menu items.

4. Food Photography is Important

A food flyer without images will never serve its purpose in attracting the diners, that is why you should include photos of the food and beverage/s you offer. However, avoid attaching every single photo of your menu items on your design. Insert the best and high-quality photos of your best sellers and make sure they look delicious enough. If you run a food truck, you may include a vector art of the truck.

5. Include a Call to Action

For a more effective promotion of your business, encourage the consumers to try your food by writing a call to action statement in your flyer. Moreover, don’t forget to type your restaurant’s or food store’s name, address, and contact number. If you offer a free delivery service to your costumers, make sure to mention it as well.

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