How to Make Food Vouchers in Apple Pages

According to research, food voucher programs are able to help low-income earners have access to good food, which in turn helps reduce their healthcare expenses. If you wish to make food vouchers, instructions are provided below to teach you how to make one in Pages.

1. Determine the Value of Your Food Vouchers

In some cases, a food voucher works the same way as cash vouchers and discount vouchers wherein it is used as a replacement for money and as a way to avail of meals for a lower price, respectively. However, there are also meal vouchers that are more specific and will indicate what the customer can avail with it. Before proceeding to make food vouchers for your restaurant or fast-food chain, you must first determine its value whether it's going to be monetary or not.

2. Develop a System for Tracking your Vouchers

When creating vouchers, coupons, or admission tickets, it's important that you figure out a way to track or monitor them. In the case of food vouchers, doing this can help you determine if your marketing campaign is effective or if people are satisfied with your food and service. Come up with a way for you to track your vouchers by using a spreadsheet, a voucher numbering system, or an actual third-party app that you can download online.

3. Gather Images or Illustrations for the Design

To help you save time in creating the design of your food vouchers, it is best that you gather the necessary images or illustrations beforehand. If you plan on using stock images that you can get online, make sure that they're high-quality and not watermarked. On the other hand, if you plan on using your own photos, on top of just making sure that they're high-quality, they should also capture the food's best features.

4. Design Your Food Vouchers in Apple Pages

You may think that Apple Pages is only a typesetting and word processing application, but it also has the tools needed for creating and rendering modern designs. Because of this, you can very much make surprisingly creative DIY vouchers in Pages. After creating a new file in Apple Pages, simply set up the layout and start putting together the images or illustrations that you've gathered in the previous step.

5. Write and Proofread the Text

Once you're done working on the design, you can start writing the text for the front and back sides of the voucher. The front side should indicate the name of the establishment, a text that serves as a heading, and its monetary value (or percent rate for discount vouchers). The back, on the other hand, should contain the terms and conditions that a customer should know when redeeming the voucher's value, and it should be written in the appropriate format.

6. Print the Needed Number of Vouchers

When it's finally time to start printing your gift vouchers, only print as many copies as needed at one time and don't forget to log them in your tracking and monitoring system. You can always print your vouchers yourself if you have the needed equipment, just make sure to use high-quality paper or card stock to make your vouchers durable. But to save you time, you can always have your vouchers printed by printing businesses.

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