Graduating is the greatest achievement for any student. It is also an accomplishment for universities to have the opportunity to pave the way and develop high performing students. Students worked hard to have the honor of graduating from the level they are in. Send out graduation brochures to these students' proud parents. Our website, PRO, is devoted to bringing you high quality and ready-made graduation brochure templates. We have here a variety of graduation brochures such as a preschool graduation brochure, university graduation brochure, graduation ceremony brochure, graduation program brochure. Download our brochure templates now and start personalizing our 100% customizable, easily editable templates that help you save time. 

What Is a Graduation Brochure?

Graduation day is a large event for universities and colleges no matter where you are in the world. A graduation brochure will serve as a graduation invitation and graduation itinerary for the upcoming commencement ceremony intended for the students and their families. It can come as a bi-fold, tri-fold, or a booklet. The graduation brochure has a lot of elements needed to give out details on the said commencement ceremony.

How to Make a Graduation Brochure

graduation brochure template

With the purpose of sending giving graduation invitations to proud families, create a graduation brochure for the graduating students in your university or college. Input these five easy steps in perfecting a graduation brochure.

1. Decide a Theme and Input Details

Your graduation brochure should have a theme. Since the printable brochure is used for a formal event, minimize the design into something more professional looking and go minimalistic with the design. If the graduation brochure is for preschool graduation or elementary graduation, you can design the brochure into a more lively and colorful one. On the first page of the brochure, add a picture, logo, or anything that might identify your university or school. Also, include on the first page the important details for the commencement ceremony such as the date and venue.

2. Write the Flow of the Event

This is the section of your graduation brochure, where you need to identify the flow of the whole event. Allot a space for the program flow since this might take up too much area. Work with the graduation committee to make sure that you have identified all the activities from start to beginning of the whole ceremony. Specify the name of the activity and set a timeframe and event schedule besides that activity.

3. Write the Speaker's Speech

Write the whole speech of the speaker of the event on your school brochure. In a high school and elementary graduation, the valedictorian would be the one to give the speech of not only his/her hard work and the struggles but also his/her batchmates. This element is optional though since some of the speakers might have a longer speech that might take up too much space on your brochure. Leave one page of your brochure just for the speech.

4. Include the Name of the Graduates

Some brochures would specify all of the names of the graduates. You can also attach together with their names their academic achievements as well. Categorize the students by degree, for college students, or by sections and year level for elementary and high school students. Categorizing will make your creative brochure neat and orderly.

5. Input Vision and Mission

Every school or university has its own vision-mission. According to an article on The Glossary of Education Reform, the mission is used to describe the founding purpose of the educational organizations while the vision declares the high-level goals of the university. The purpose of the vision and mission of the school is to give clarity and direction to the school. It is recommended to include the vision and mission since it is what the school lived up to produce intellectual students to the world.

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