Graduation is a prestigious event that needs a massive amount of time for preparations and practices. Also, it is an event where graduating students get their awards and certificates. If you want to convey pieces of information about the event, then a graduation brochure is a perfect thing to make. Make a more memorable and unique brochure with our ready-made Graduation Brochure Templates in Microsoft Word. We offer a vast design for your brochures. It's either in a bi-fold or trifold style and has engaging colors that suit your desires. Make it more exciting by adding more engaging content like images of your students and historical facts about your school. Don't worry about making it on your own because all the templates are 100% customizable and downloadable in just a few clicks. Grab now a graduation brochure template and inform your guest about your event and school activities.

How to Make a Graduation Brochure in Microsoft Word

A brochure is a paper document that contains information about an event, product, business, or school promotion. It can also be used for advertising purposes as it disseminates information quickly and effectively. Also, a brochure may come in pamphlet or leaflet style. Customizing your brochure that is editable and printable is more exciting and has a more meaningful outcome. Moreover, brochures offer a lower-priced option in promoting any special event or ceremony, like a commencement exercise or graduation.

Receiving awards and certificates with pride is truly a dream come true for every hardworking student who worked their best to receive their hard-earned diplomas. Every graduate must be proud, like the first batch of graduates who tossed their caps to the skies at the 1912 US Naval Academy graduation.

As the organizer of a graduation event, it is your task to make the ceremony memorable. You can do that by creating a graduation brochure that serves as a teaser, informational tool, and memorabilia to every attendee. If you want to create one, then here are some tips to guide you.

1. Pick what Kind of Brochure

First and foremost, you must figure out what type of brochure you want to use. If you want you to put up more information about your students, you can use the trifold brochure for it has more capacity. But if you're going to put the most vital detail, you can use the bifold brochure. Nevertheless, keep in mind that every kind of brochure has its impact and quality, depending on what content you may put up.

2. Systematize the Content

The most vital part of making a brochure is what information to be put up. In this, you must know the essential details and arrange it. Starting in the program flow, time and date, and list of awardees. Furthermore, the font and font size of the material must be readable so that it can’t confuse the readers.

3. Add Photos

Incorporating images add more excitement and vibrancy. By adding some pictures, your readers will be interested in reading. Add up some photos from the previous graduation if you want to add fillers in your creative brochure. You don't want the images to be blurry, so incorporate images with high-quality, not the pixelated ones.

4. Download a Template

Downloading a printable template can lend you a hand for a less time-consuming task since it is ready-made. If you opt to save more time for your other errands, you can grab a graduation template. Here we have a variety of design options: minimal brochure, modern brochure, and more. Now you can choose a template that is customizable and downloadable in Microsoft word.

5. Printing and Distributing the Brochure

After all the procedures, you can now produce the printable brochures with the help of a printer. But before that, review all the details first. On the other hand, you may also use different kinds of paper like; gloss coated or matte coated so that it might give more referrals for it has a good quality and durability. After producing your brochures, disseminate the information by distributing them to the graduates as they prepare to toss caps on graduation day.

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