If you're a school administrator, you need to produce a graduation certificate for your students so you can testify their achievements. To help you with that, we have our printable and editable Graduation Certificate Templates that you can download anytime and anywhere you like. Also, our templates are downloadable and accessible in various file formats such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. So, what else are you looking for when we have everything you need? Save a great deal by downloading our customizable templates today!

What Is a Graduation Certificate?

A graduation certificate, often known as a diploma, is a qualification that gives the students, whether in preschool, elementary, and college, the necessary knowledge and skills in a given field. Some of the benefits to one's earnings include: lets you adapt to changing working environments, confirms your skillset, and proves your professional development.

How to Create a Graduation Certificate?

If you work in an academic institution and currently looking for some help on how to produce graduation or any student certificate, look no further, for we have prepared four simplified guidelines below just for you. Make sure not to miss out on any details below for each of them are connected to one another, and failure to follow each step accordingly will only lead to failures. So, as promised, here are the step-by-step guidelines. Check it out.

1. Write Down the Key Information

Graduation award certificates should look professional and well-written all the time, and that means, unnecessary information is not needed. Include only vital information such as the logo of the institution, the name of the award holder, the awarding body, and the date and place of the award. Other pieces of information are somewhat optional.

2. Choose a Theme

We've mentioned earlier that graduation certificates are not only limited to the bachelor's degree. They are also intended for the toddlers in their nursery school and kindergarten classes. That is why whenever you make one custom certificate, you must first identify which category of the educational level you're referring to.

3. Download One of Our Templates

Once you have identified the category of the educational level you're referring to, it is time for you to choose one of our templates and download it. As you can see, each of our school certificate templates has every type you need. All you need to do is to choose the one that matches your needs and click the download button.

4. Review and Print

Show any individual your final output for feedback, and modify if there is anything to improve. Assess the printable certificate and make sure the text is legible, the design represents the theme, and if the layout does not look too crowded. When done, you may now print it o a high-quality paper type.

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