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What is a Graduation Flyer?

A graduation flyer is a flyer intended to advertise a high school or college graduation ceremony or a party. It's either meant to invite or to announce. Its display is intended for a certain audience. These may be friends, acquaintances, family, etc. Sure, you might be wondering, "Why not just advertise or announce it on social media?" Well, flyers have been effective even before social media was around.

A flyer's tactile material offers a different effect than seeing it on social media. They have more staying power than the ones on social media. About 50% of consumers/recipients pin/keep these flyers for later use. By constantly seeing it pinned, flyers and posters promote interest and increase their chances of engagement with whatever's advertised on the flyer.

How to Create a Graduation Flyer

graduation flyer template

Graduation flyers must deliver its intended effect whether it's to announce or to invite. One technique to make sure your recipients attend the occasion is to incorporate a certain phrase such as "Save the Date." We also suggest to send out your business flyers at least a month before your graduation so you can estimate the population of attendees and prepare the necessary preparations.

1. Do Not Overcrowd Your Content

Nobody would bother to read a lengthy paragraph about a certain event. In short, keep your content brief and include only the relevant details. If your content becomes too wordy, chances are, recipients would just skim through the content of your event flyer.

2. Incorporate Graphics and Photography

There are various tools and programs that assist you in incorporating graphics and photography. These are "magnets" that attract your readers to the modern flyer design. If it's a ceremony, incorporate pictures of students in their graduation gowns while throwing their graduation caps. For a graduation party flyer, you can add pictures such as a disco ball, people dancing, and etc.

3. Add a Striking Headline

Who says graduation school flyers can't be fun? Start with something big. A striking headline will urge your readers to read further. You are free to ask for assistance from a friend or two if you find this task unmanageable.

4. Use a Special Type of Paper

Flyers contain the same material as a magazine. If you cannot find such, have your paper be coated in a glossy finish. This glossy finish helps prolong the longevity of your flyer. It can also bring out its graphics and design. Choosing high-quality paper is especially important when making elegant commercial flyers.

5. Proofread Your Flyer

Before printing, make sure everything is incorporated and accurate from the pictures to the adjustments. Erroneous information on your sales or education flyers can be unpleasant towards your readers. Print one flyer first to see if there are necessary adjustments to be done and when it is satisfactory, only then you can proceed to multiple printing.

6. Get Ready to Distribute

When distributing your multipurpose flyers, make sure to distribute it in an area where a lot of people typically gather. These may be in train stations, outside food establishments where people fall in line, and such. If applicable, post it on a wall where it's easily accessible by people.

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