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What Is a Hip Hop Flyer?

Basically, a flyer is a printed advertising material that businesses and organizations use to inform people of new products or services, price cuts or discount promos, and even upcoming events. A hip hop flyer is more or less similar to any regular flyer with the exception of its hip hop theme. A hip hop flyer is commonly used in events with this theme such as dance contests or themed parties.

How to Create a Hip Hop Flyer

hip hop flyer template

Hip hop is actually more than just a genre of music, you can actually use it as a flyer theme for promoting old school or retro events. To learn how to make such impressive hip hop flyers, refer to the guidelines below.

1. Educate yourself about flyers and hip hop themes

What do you know about sample flyers aside from being advertisement materials? How about hip hop, what else do you know about it aside from hip hop music? While it's not completely necessary to really know everything about flyers and hip hop, but it'll actually help considering that you're trying to incorporate elements from both ends. Gather as much information as you can, it's guaranteed to be relevant in the process.

2. Identify your target audience

Just like other kinds of flyers, identifying your target audience is necessary since it allows you to have a focus for the design and tone of voice. Since hip hop culture is quite trendy to teenagers and young adults, you can use that info as your basis for the theme of your simple flyers. Otherwise, just think of a specific target audience and make sure to cater your flyers toward them.

3. Prepare all the details to be written on your hip hop flyer

Experts say that a flyer is considered effective if a reader is able to capture the gist of the content in just seconds. To pull this off, you will need to prepare all the necessary details and organize them according to hierarchy. In other words, the most important details should be at the top and should be written in large fonts. This will help make your hip hop flyer easier to read.

4. Gather images or illustrations for enhancing the hip hop flyer's design

Only if necessary, you should gather images and/or illustrations that are relevant to the flyer's theme and message. But why settle with not using them when you know that it can actually help in enhancing the design? If you're using your own photos, make sure that they're high-quality and well-composed. On the other hand, if you're using stock images, never use watermarked ones.

5. Create the hip hop flyer's design and add the content

By using a document processor or a graphics editor of your choice, you can start putting together everything you've gathered to come up with your hip hop flyer. An effective flyer should have a short but compelling content, a sufficient amount of white space to keep it from looking cluttered, and a call-to-action statement to motivate the reader to do what's expected of them.

6. Proofread, evaluate, and print your flyers

After creating the flyer's design and adding its content, it's very important to proofread your work for any errors. Other than that, you should also evaluate the overall look of your hip hop flyer. Try putting yourself in other people's shoes and asking whether or not the flyer is compelling enough to make you want to keep a copy. If so, then start printing copies of it.

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