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How to Make a Home Inspector Brochure

Brochures work very well for promoting businesses, including home and real estate companies. An article from Chron (a business publication) points out that brochures are highly versatile, making them popular among all kinds of industries.

Are you wondering how to design brochures for your inspection services? No worries—continue reading below for a few tips!

1. Add Appealing Images to Your Home Inspector Brochure

One of the main draws to using brochures is the available space you can use. In that space, add photos or illustrations that best represent your inspection company.

Choose depictions of home lots, real estate property, and so on. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of your brochure’s space by using more than one image.

2. Prepare the Printing Size of Your Home Inspector Brochure

A sales brochure’s foldable nature makes it highly effective at carrying plenty of information while remaining compact. In your chosen software (such as Photoshop and Apple Pages), set up enough space for designing and printing your home inspector brochure. If you’re not sure how big your brochure should be, measure it in either 8.5” x 11” or 8.27” x 11.69”.

3. Use Graphics to Complement Your Brochure’s Visuals

Aside from your brochure’s pictures, graphic designs also contribute to its overall aesthetics. When preparing your custom graphics, keep the style sleek and simple to give it a professional feel.

In the graphics, color selection is a key component. So, in its palette, add colors associated with your inspection company’s branding. Doing so helps establish better brand recognition among your target audience.

4. Incorporate Creative Dialogue in Your Home Inspector Brochure

When it comes to leaving a lasting impression on readers, your marketing brochure needs a bit of clever writing. Along with all the basic and technical details, write down catchy headers and taglines too—like “A Professional Eye for a Comfortable Home” or “Keeping Your Family under One Safe Roof.”

And now you know how to create a unique brochure for your inspection services! Don’t forget about our Home Inspector Brochure Templates to expedite your content creation.


  • How much does a home inspection usually cost?

      A home inspection typically costs between $300 to $400.

  • What are some common problems that home inspectors find?

      Here’s a list of a few examples:

      1. Poor insulation and ventilation in the attic
      2. Damage to the roof
      3. Issues with plumbing
      4. Faultiness in wiring
  • How many brochure samples are available from Template.net?

      You can download over 1,700 unique brochure samples from Template.net.

  • Which applications are compatible with home inspector brochures from Template.net?

      The following applications are compatible:

      1. Adobe Illustrator
      2. Adobe InDesign
      3. Adobe Photoshop
      4. Apple Pages
      5. Microsoft Publisher
      6. Microsoft Word
  • What’s the advantage of using home inspector brochures from Template.net?

      Home inspector brochures from Template.net are original and 100% customizable in many platforms, making content creation quick and easy.