Popular destinations and scenic views take center stage of your family's photo albums and social media timelines, but hotel rooms are often left unnoticed. Unknowingly, they're part of everyone's adventure. They are your home away from home, where some of the best memories are undocumented and unnoticed but are equally special and meaningful. Show the best of what your hotel can offer with our top-notch collection of Hotel Brochure Templates in Apple Pages (MAC). They come with original content and graphic design laid with fully scalable vectors. This allows convenient customization and accessibility in any device suitable to you. Avail yours for free by signing up for any of our subscription plans today!

How To Make a Hotel Brochure in Apple Pages

Bentley University's Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) found out in a study how significant the presence of printed materials as a source of information for visitors in hotels are. It was participated by 1,560 hospitality management professionals from the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and Greece. The most popular printed materials recorded were brochures, flyers, and leaflets, and 86% of them answered "Always" (40%) and "Often" (40%) on how frequent they use printed information. These show how dominant printed promotional materials are at the peak of digitalization.

1. Hook Them with a Headline

It only takes a few seconds for your audience to skim a brochure and process a decision on whether or not pick it up and read it. Compel them with an enticing headline. Compose a catchy statement or a tagline in bold fonts and appealing colors. This will differentiate you from all other promotional materials, and would you drive your brochure campaign to success.

2. Be Informative

Never miss out on integrating your business brochure's important details. Include informative points such as your contact number, location, accommodations, room types, and the rates. More than attracting them to read your brochure, tell them the vital info of how they can reach you and what you can offer them when they do.

3. Complement Design with Branding

You might be tempted to go all out with your design, but consider your hotel's branding. Create a layout within the bounds of your establishment's image. If it's a luxurious five-star hotel, you surely have to match that aura by making an elegant brochure material. If your business' theme goes for a homey and modern semblance, your brochure should follow suit. Your branding is your identity, and it will help your clients recognize you from the rest.

4. Highlight Strengths

Identify your hotel's strengths and put them in your advertising brochure's spotlight. With hundreds of competitors out there, they must know what treats they can get from you and how you can make their stay a memory they can cherish. You can boast about first-rate amenities such as spas and pools or even a scenic window view. Your guests would also be delighted if they know that your hotel is located near popular tourist destinations.

5. Create a Compelling Visual Layout

Your brochure can have all the right elements and still fall short in persuading them to get your services. When it comes to the real estate industries such as hotels, the key is always to have an excellent photo presentation in your company brochure. Include pictures not only of your hotel's interior but the outward appearance as well. Invest in professionally taken photographs and hire an expert in the field. An amateur photo might save you a lot of cash, but it will diminish your brochure's quality and your audience's perception of your establishment.

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