How To Make A Hotel Organizational Chart In Apple Pages

In the hospitality industry, it's important to have an organizational chart, especially in the housekeeping department, to make sure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities. Remember, you need to assign personnel for each room to ensure quality and comfort to your guests. In 2018, there where 1,508,867 hotel rooms in the U.S., according to Statista. Just imagine how much work do you need to exert to provide high-quality service and comfortability to guests.

With an organizational chart, also known as an organogram chart, you have a clear visual structure of the hierarchy of relationships and tasks so that all personnel will work towards a common goal. With this, they would also know who to talk to when they have questions or concerns. If you're using Mac, follow our guide below on how you can create an organizational chart in Apple Pages.

1. Gather all Data

To create an organizational chart, you need to gather all the necessary data that you need to supply the chart. This includes the names of all hotel staff, the list of departments, and the available positions. Check your existing documents to verify the data that you have.

2. Prepare a Template

Open Apple Pages and create a new document. Choose between using a pre-made template or creating one from scratch. Our website offers pre-made chart templates so that you can avoid the hassle of creating one from scratch. All you need to do is download the template from our website, go to Apple Pages, click File/New, locate the template file from a File finder, then double click the file to use it. But if you choose the latter, choose the blank document from the options instead.

3. Supply the Chart

Now that you have an organizational chart template, it's time to input the details. Simply double-click the shape to supply it with information. Check the spelling, to ensure that you've inputted the correct spelling of names. Make sure you save your work from time to time or you'll end up losing your work in case your Mac or Apple Pages will stop working.

4. Add the Additional Information

You're almost there! This is the part where you add color and logo to your basic chart. Adding color will make your chart look attractive. Use one color only, and choose a light color so it's pleasing to the eyes. Remember, the rules when it comes to colors, fonts, and background: light-colored background and dark-colored font or light-colored font and dark-colored background. You may also add some design elements if you want. Just make sure you don't overdo it.

5. Review and Print

After creating your chart, go back to the top and carefully review your work. Look for mistakes and spelling errors. It's very important that you don't misspell the names of your staff. Once satisfied, save and download your simple chart. Don't just publish this. Post this in the office for all the staff to see.

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