As the hotel industry grows fast, there are a lot of possible competitors. If you are planning to open a hotel, then make sure to give a perfect service that can grow loyalty from your customers. And to start that goal, you must have the ideal marketing tool to use, which is by disseminating flyers. To have excellent flyers, here on our website, offers a vast and beautifully designed Hotel Flyer Templates in Adobe Illustrator that surely suits your taste. Also, our templates are 100% customizable, have high-quality and print-ready. The time is running! Download now a template and let your customers be captivated with your hotel services.

How to Make a Hotel Flyer in Adobe Illustrator

A hotel is an establishment that provides lodging to travelers and local people. And nowadays, hotels are providing extra services like having a restaurant, catering event halls, malls, spa and more. Furthermore, managing a hotel has a lot of things to do, for instance, delegating the hotel, knowing and training staff, and especially marketing the hotel. Want to have a useful promotional tool? Why not craft a personalize flyer? Flyers are an easy way to convey pieces of information and fast to distribute.

Moreover, according to from the article "5 Advantages of Using Flyers for Promotional Activities". It stated there that flyers are palpable, which means it is tangible, which holds a significant advantage because it makes customers bring it physically that can trigger them to take a look and read the given flyer. Through this, we can say that flyers still hold an influential impact in promoting a business. Are you having a hard time making your flyers? Then scroll down to know some procedures on how to make a creative hotel flyer.

1. Plan the Content

The first thing to do is planning the content of your sample hotel flyer. Think of the reason why you are making one. Is it for the holidays or the summer season, anniversary promotion, or just promoting your hotel? After that, gather the information that you want to put up in your leaflets, for instance, the hotel room price rates, services and facilities offered, address, and contact information.

2. Select a Size

After gathering all the details, pick the right size that can hold all the information about your hotel—5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (small), 8.5 inches by 11 inches(standard), and 11 inches by 17 inches (large), which are the typical size for flyers. But, no matter what would be the size of your minimal flyers, it can still be useful for it can disseminate information about your hotel.

3. Download a Template

Managing your hotel can be hectic, especially if it is peak season. And you might forget to make flyers due to lack of time. Then worry less, because downloading a ready-made template can lend you a hand. Here on our website offers you various professionally designed Hotel Flyer Templates. Also, our templates are editable, printable, and easy to download.

4. Organize the Content

After downloading a template for your modern flyers, then you can now organize the details into one, from the logo of your hotel until to contact information. Make sure that is place neatly as it can be. You can also add some photos of the hotel and the services that you featured. Also, add a slogan that represents your hotel and a roadmap for better results. Make sure to use a suitable fonts size for every word in the flyers and proper wording so that it can not give confusion to your designated customers. After fusing the details, review the leaflet to check for errors and typos and if you find one, then revise and then finalize everything.

5. Distribute the Flyers

Next is printing your promotional flyers. Make sure to use the best type of paper for leaflet as gloss coated and matt coated paper are the preferable papers. After that, you can now convey information towards your customers by distributing your hotel flyer. Just a tip, disseminate your flyers in crowded places, and also give your hotel guests to have more referrals.

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